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TripAdvisor's Travelers' Choice Awards honors the world's best hotels, as chosen by millions of real travelers via TripAdvisor.
Security screeners at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport stare at black and white images on computer monitors, trying to determine whether a traveler is carrying a banned item.
Travelers should expect a busy Fourth of July weekend, with some planes more than 80% full, The Wall Street Journal reports.
The Web provides great traveler resources," says Ziff.
However, only travelers who are members of the Register Traveler program are eligible to use the ShoeScanner.
Instant Money -- For the international traveler, a pack of local currency worth about US$25 in small denominations is available at the front desk and can be charged direct to the guest's folio for an easier account of expenses.
Lawyers for the University of Southern California want to block Castaic rancher Patricia Saukko from trademarking the name Traveler, attached to several of her family's horses over 40 years, horses that have served as the Trojans' mascot.
The secret of many Gypsy and Traveler scams is to first gain the trust and confidence of their victims.
Registered Traveler expected to be running by November.
In 1961, USC contacted Richard Saukko after seeing him ride Traveler in the Tournament of Roses parade.
The Registered Traveler program, which may expand next year, allows travelers who pay a fee and submit to a background check to go through faster security lines.
Pat (the former Marky Mark, Mark Wahlberg) is the son of a deceased traveler who was rejected from the closed-off clan for marrying an outsider.
The Air Transport Association has asked airports not to endorse the Transportation Security Administration's Registered Traveler program.
Many hotels are also catering to the business traveler, but three national chains - Westin Hotels and Resorts, Hilton Hotels Corp.
Travelers today announced its new Risk Control customer Web portal, a one-stop shop for answers to many risk control questions.