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Synonyms for travel



be transmitted


go fast


Synonyms for travel

to make or go on a journey

to move along a particular course

to become known far and wide

Synonyms for travel

change location

undertake a journey or trip

travel upon or across

undergo transportation as in a vehicle

travel from place to place, as for the purpose of finding work, preaching, or acting as a judge

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Travel Guard International has been selling travel insurance since 1985.
With the upswing in the number of African-Americans travelers along with the recognized African-American buying power, travel providers are offering more diverse products.
Figure 36: Top five destinations for Canadian outbound travel, 2003-20
BTN was keen to name Tom Klein to our list of the 25 most influential executives of 2006 for reshaping the terms by which corporate travel content is bought and sold through his efforts in leading the renegotiation of carrier contracts with global distribution systems," said BTN editor-in-chief David Meyer.
WRTA's overall mission is simple and clear: We will advise and assist the travel industry in working with the religious market, and establish faith-based vacations as a key travel option for the religious consumer," said Kevin J.
This new agreement enhances the terrific breadth of quality cruise products that can be accessed and sold through Sabre, giving travel agents more opportunities to serve their customers and maximize profits," said Dan Westbrook, vice president of travel merchandising, Sabre Travel Network.
I can't think of a better way to share our collective travel experiences and expertise than through a blog.
In this volunteer role, Wallace will lead the CASMA Board of Directors for the next two years and will be involved in the planning and execution of two annual conferences that bring together travel distribution and technology leaders from around the world.
By teaming with Sabre Travel Network to develop this product and make it available to more than 76,000 hotels and the huge worldwide network of travel agencies that use the Sabre global distribution system (GDS), WPS believes it will generate the impetus and scale to make this product the global commission management solution of choice.
The increased functionality of the new Sabre Cruises product will allow agents to save time, increase their revenues and book the best cruises for their customers," said Greg Webb, chief marketing officer for Sabre Travel Network.
Previous editions were used by virtually all major CVBs, most state travel offices, and dozens of corporations in all sectors of the travel and tourism industry, making this the best-selling publication of its kind.
Datalex a leading global provider of travel distribution software and solutions and Dolphin Dynamics, specialists in the provision of mid & back office systems worldwide, have implemented a new point of sale system for STA Travel.
Sabre's easy-to-use, single leisure access point will be accessible via a tab marked "Vacation and Cruises" in the MySabre desktop, a graphical, Web-based agent booking portal that integrates travel information and the Sabre Global Distribution System (GDS).
With eight carriers under five- to seven-year contracts and with close to 100 percent of the agencies participating in EAS, Sabre Travel Network remains on track for strong and predictable cash flows and operating margins for the foreseeable future.