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Synonyms for trash

Synonyms for trash

a group of persons regarded as the lowest class

to injure or destroy (property) maliciously


Synonyms for trash

worthless people

an amphetamine derivative (trade name Methedrine) used in the form of a crystalline hydrochloride

express a totally negative opinion of

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and still don't know, how to measure the volume of trash and recyclables they are producing.
I hate to throw anything away," says Steck, who has been watching her trash disposal for most of her life.
Germans shifted nearly 6 million tons of their trash from the municipal bins--destined for disposal--to the yellow DSD bins.
This is where the individual homeowner pays for the amount of trash being disposed by paying by the bagful through buying specially marked trash bags.
Working harder for Don meant expanding beyond trash hauling into the recycling businesses.
How many more pounds of trash were generated per person per day in 1980 than in 1970?
Rather, they point out that burning the portion of trash that recyclers can't recycle could create more dioxin per pound of waste than nonrecyclers' trash does.
The press material being flung about in conjunction with this anniversary release makes all kinds of claims for Trash--originally called Andy Warhol's Trash, to milk the box-office potential of its celebrity producer--as a milestone in independent cinema (Presaged the no-frills Dogma style from Denmark
Berlin supported a team of engineers working to create a high-tech pressurized sanitizer that would clean trash chutes from top to bottom.
Amtrak Taps BlastGard, Producer of The World's First Trash Receptacle That Captures All Fragmentation, Dramatically Reduces Blast Pressures and Quenches Fireballs, to Protect its Passengers
6 million revenue shortfall in next year's budget because of the landfill's closure, city officials last night reviewed details of a trash fee plan that Mayor Gerald E.
Trash and public health problems in Skid Row are being exacerbated by a longstanding downtown business practice of dumping trash on Los Angeles' streets, officials were told Tuesday.
The trash war between Michigan and Ontario has heated up, with lawsuits, contract disputes, and a new U.
The results also reveal that per pound of trash burned, avid recyclers spew the most dioxins.
Until recently, all of the private companies responsible for picking up trash generated by commercial establishments in New York were members of trade associations controlled by organized crime, specifically the Gambino and Luchessi crime families.