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stable gear consisting of a decorated covering for a horse, especially (formerly) for a warhorse

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A mass trapping network established in Haiti has contributed to a significant reduction in Anastrepha species density (MARNDR 2014).
Trapping took place between 24 June 2010 and 31 October 2010 at study sites located in Muncie and Fort Wayne, IN and Miller City, IL.
Rather, the sticky trapping surface becomes increasingly fouled as each trapped insect covers part of the glue surface (fig.
Trapping helps to keep these animals in check before overpopulation, starvation, and rabies outbreaks do.
The influence of pollen trapping by 3 types of pollen traps on the development and productivity of honeybee colonies.
Each mammal was released at its station of capture; each trap that had captured an individual was reversed in direction to indicate that it had been used, but it was not replaced during that trapping session.
Furbearers in Massachusetts are harvested by hunting, trapping or salvage (usually road kills).
In the present paper we compare the trapping efficiencies of climbing sticks either with bottle-traps or with adhesive.
Trapping was conducted in two habitats: northern hardwoods with a dominant overstory of sugar maple (Acer saccbarum) and American beech (Fagus grandifolia), and a red pine (Pinus resinosa) plantation.
According to Voss and Emmons (1996), the principle methods of sampling small mammal communities are: trapping with conventional live traps, arboreal traps, or pitfall traps; undertaking diurnal or nocturnal hunting; performing interviews; placing mist nets at ground level or in the canopy; and locating dens.
Fluids move through these channels in and out of a hair-width trapping region at the intersection.
Both trappers still utilize the same trapping techniques mentioned above:
In a trapping run, the magnet is energized while neutrons are loaded into the trap.
By the 1960s, Sweeney no longer trapped, but his interest in trapping remained keen, spurred on by the government trappers with whom he worked as a brand inspector for the Montana Livestock Commission.
GLENDALE - The city will step up its coyote trapping - officials expect to trap and kill about 40 by year's end - in an effort to curb the number coming down from the foothills in search of food.