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stable gear consisting of a decorated covering for a horse, especially (formerly) for a warhorse

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In the meantime, they detach bands, or "brigades" as they are termed, of trappers in various directions, assigning to each a portion of country as a hunting or trapping ground.
It is able, also, to fit out and dispatch its own trappers the soonest, so as to get the start of its competitors, and to have the first dash into the hunting and trapping grounds.
A new species of strategy has sprung out of this hunting and trapping competition.
They have found the trapping of the beaver their most profitable species of hunting; and the traffic with the white man has opened to them sources of luxury of which they previously had no idea.
Mounted troops, their trappings of jewel and metal-incrusted leather glistening in the sunlight, formed the vanguard of the body, and then came a thousand gorgeous chariots drawn by huge zitidars.
The beasts were hung with jeweled trappings and saddlepads of gay silk, embroidered in fanciful designs with strings of diamonds, pearls, rubies, emeralds, and the countless unnamed jewels of Mars, while from each chariot rose a dozen standards from which streamers, flags, and pennons fluttered in the breeze.
Such differences in lovebug abundance may reflect changes in the suitability of larval breeding habitats, the combined action of predators and fungal pathogens as well as wind direction or other climatic variables influencing trapping efficiency (Hetrick 1970; Kish et al.
Our trapping protocol included disinfecting traps that had captured small mammals (rodents and shrews).
Trapping season opens Monday, and trappers are bound to have difficulty controlling problem species, especially coyotes and beavers.
Trapping in rivers requires a licence from the Environment Agency which is only granted if it is convinced that the trapping does not pose a threat to protected wildlife.
Bottle-traps caught over eight times more spiders than sticks treated with insect trapping adhesive.
Differential trapping success among types and sizes of small mammal live traps has been demonstrated (Slade and others 1993; O'Farrell and others 1994).
Anyone who grew up in the city watching Disney knows how bad trapping is.
Fluids move through these channels in and out of a hair-width trapping region at the intersection.
Both trappers still utilize the same trapping techniques mentioned above: