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stable gear consisting of a decorated covering for a horse, especially (formerly) for a warhorse

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A mass trapping network established in Haiti has contributed to a significant reduction in Anastrepha species density (MARNDR 2014).
Trapping took place between 24 June 2010 and 31 October 2010 at study sites located in Muncie and Fort Wayne, IN and Miller City, IL.
Rather, the sticky trapping surface becomes increasingly fouled as each trapped insect covers part of the glue surface (fig.
Trapping helps to keep these animals in check before overpopulation, starvation, and rabies outbreaks do.
Pollen should only be collected from disease free colonies and trapping should be done only during pollen flow of one quarter pound per day.
Our trapping protocol included disinfecting traps that had captured small mammals (rodents and shrews).
Trapping season opens Monday, and trappers are bound to have difficulty controlling problem species, especially coyotes and beavers.
1 : to catch or be caught in a trap <Hunters were trapping game.
Trapping in rivers requires a licence from the Environment Agency which is only granted if it is convinced that the trapping does not pose a threat to protected wildlife.
Bottle-traps caught over eight times more spiders than sticks treated with insect trapping adhesive.
Differential trapping success among types and sizes of small mammal live traps has been demonstrated (Slade and others 1993; O'Farrell and others 1994).
Despite their relative inefficiency and the large effort it takes to install pitfall traps, we found that these types of traps can be useful in augmenting trapping efforts, as they often capture species that do not, or rarely, fall into other types of traps.
Fluids move through these channels in and out of a hair-width trapping region at the intersection.
Both trappers still utilize the same trapping techniques mentioned above:
In a trapping run, the magnet is energized while neutrons are loaded into the trap.