trap line

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a line or series of traps

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Logging it would severely endanger the trap lines and subsequently the livelihoods of several families.
Exceptional predator hunters are obviously more effective, but a well-run trap line probably offers the most bang for the buck.
The trap line (the yellow "T" line) indicates that any alpha characters and two hyphens in a particular location indicates a detail line.
In 1951, at the age of 18, he bought his first truck with the money earned from the trap line.
The dogs are used to check the trap line (we had about 10 miles out this year), and as a form of entertainment.
The Grassy Narrows band is struggling to save the last few patches of old growth forest as well as trying to protect the trap line areas that are slated for clear-cutting.
I could legally start putting out my trap line, so off to the river I would go -- boots, bag of traps, and all the fixin's in hand.
HBC beaver conservation plans and the creation of a trap line system by Indian Affairs are particularly interesting events.
This specimen was found at the northwestern limits of the species' range in Texas (Davis & Schmidly 1994) and was taken from the same trap line as the above mentioned S.
and wildlife ecologist for the NPS, is checking the second half of the trap line.
Rubaboo is a Metis-Michif word (mixture of French and Indigenous) for a stew made on the trap line.
With permission of a band council, Tom approaches individual elders or trap line holders in a manner given to First Nation custom, talking Ojibway and with a gift of tobacco.
The only experiences I had were when I lived on the trap line for many months of the year at a very young age.