transverse process

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one of two processes that extend from each vertebra and provide the point of articulation for the ribs

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The cervical rib must be separate from, but articulate with, the transverse process of C7.
The transverse process at C6 has been identified because of its prominent anterior tubercle, different from C5 that is flat and C7 that does not have a tubercle (10) (Fig.
Transverse process fractures were numbered C1 - C7 and separated right from left, and the level of vertebral artery injury was marked V1 - V7, corresponding to the level of cervical spine vertebrae.
Obtaining an image where the pleura is seen in its entirety without an encroaching transverse process or rib is occasionally difficult.
The Scalenus medius band and the seventh cervical transverse process.
Rostral scale movements are powered by retractions of the palato-pterygoid bar mediated by a ligament that connects the anterior end of the palatine to the transverse process of the premaxilla.
Do not mistake this normal density of the transverse process tip with a ureteral calculus.
Transverse foramen in the transverse process was facing superolaterally on right but on left side due to fusion it is directed laterally and looking downwards.
Generally the Lovett Brother relationships found between the cervical and lumbar vertebrae are as follows: cervical lateral transverse process sensitivity indicates ipsilateral lumbar transverse process anterior rotation; cervical lateral spinous process sensitivity relates to ipsilateral lumbar transverse process inferiority; and, given the absence of a spinous process at C1, the temporal styloid process is used to determine inferiority of the ipsilateral L5 transverse process.
The lumbar entry point of the screw was the intersection of the midline of the transverse process and the end of the outer edge of the superior articular process.
The psoas muscle is the muscle involved with the curve of the pelvis and spine, which starts at the thoracic vertebrae to connect with lower vertebral body and transverse process.
1) revealed traumatic lumbar spondylolisthesis of L5 on S1, fracture of left L1-3 transverse processes, bilateral fracture of transverse process and spinous process of L4, and fracture of spinous process of L5.
San Agustin del Guadolix, Madrid, Spain) was inserted perpendicularly to the skin in all planes until contact with the transverse process was made.
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