transshipment center

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a port where merchandise can be imported and then exported without paying import duties


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JAFZA is one of the leading transshipment centers in the world, serving more than 125 shipping lines and ranked 10th among the container ports of the world.
officials, defense experts and documents from investigations by the Justice Department, stated that Malaysia was becoming a popular transshipment center for military equipment and technology to Iran.
Dubai is also a major transshipment center for a variety of food products.
Drug dealers have in the past viewed our country as a transshipment center for illegal drugs.
TAIPEI, Aug 20 Asia Pulse - Four local marine transport companies have formed a "Taipei Port Consortium" to compete for a bid to build and operate a projected Taipei port container transshipment center.
Since then, Zahony has been an important distribution and transshipment center for goods moving to and from Western Europe.
Lucia is hoping to become a key transshipment center for trade between Latin America and North America.
The terminal is the storage and transshipment center for lead and zinc ore trucked to Skagway from two Curragh-owned mines in Yukon Territory, one at Faro and the new one at Mount Hundere near Lake Watson.
Hamburg is strategically situated on the Elbe river shipping channel and is a vital transshipment center for cargo arriving from or destined for Asia.
The framework agreement covers the distribution of primarily food and goods, and the enforcement of a transshipment center for local Falun, BorlEnnge, Ludvika, Sater, and Gagnef.
Kyrgyz military experts for the disposal of explosive devices from March 15 to 19 visited the transshipment center (TSC) to share experiences with the US military, according to the Department of Public Relations Center.
The modern container port will serve as a transshipment center.
Hong Kong has become less a threat as a drug transshipment center mainly due to well-organized and professional efforts of the territory's police and customs officers in drug seizures, he said.
9 /PRNewswire/ -- Bethlehem Steel Corporation (NYSE: BS) today unveiled a comprehensive Land Redevelopment Plan that could eventually convert 1,100 acres of Bethlehem property here into recreation areas, business and industrial centers, and a distribution and transshipment center, providing enhanced opportunities for jobs in the region and increased tax revenues.