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The increasing environmental pollution is also supporting the growth of the global intelligent transportation system market.
The State Transit Dedicated Fund was created by Governor Pataki in 1996 to address the capital needs of public transportation systems that exceed available federal and local resources.
Introduction to Transportation Systems, by Joseph Sussman.
Our transportation sessions stimulated discussions of some of the real issues of the day in the Defense Transportation System.
Without public transit, transportation systems throughout the state would grind to a halt.
These contacts indicated that 300-400 residents of the Flathead Reservation could benefit from a transportation system.
The report also focuses on giving a detailed view of the complete intelligent transportation system market with regards to different applications as well as geographic regions.
Intelligent transportation systems are a broad range of diverse technologies used to make transportation systems safer, more efficient, more reliable and more environmentally friendly, without necessarily having to physically alter existing infrastructure.
Transportation systems work best when they are well-matched with urban form.
VeriFone Transportation Systems is a joint venture between VeriFone Holdings, Inc.
Applications in parking availability systems, traffic enforcement cameras, and collision avoidance systems are expected to drive the intelligent transportation system market during the forecast period.
The report profiles key industry players in the global intelligent transportation systems markets and highlights key strategies adopted by them.
1 Global advanced public transportation system (APTS) market, size and forecast, 2011 - 2019 (USD billion) 4.
Video IP encoders and decoders to be used in Atlanta Intelligent Transportation System expansion project
The evaluation, completed at TTI's Texas A&M University facility, was conducted as part of an internal investigation to determine the best Internet protocol (IP) encoder/decoder vendor for the refurbishment of an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) test bed located in the City of College Station.
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