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a ship for carrying soldiers or military equipment

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com/tvshows/the-orville/episode-2-season-1/command-performance/1064475/) synopsis for the episode, the transport ship The Orville gets in contact with is actually a hologram.
Mammoet has been contracted to move 150 modules and more than 1,200 smaller items from heavy transport ships in the Port of Sabetta to the plant's foundation.
Aside from this duty, the vessel will also serve as a sealift and military transport ship, moving troops and hardware in areas of the country where they are needed.
The Marquette, built in Glasgow in 1898, was converted to a transport ship at the beginning of World War 1.
The Pacific Grebe transport ship carrying the waste left the port of Barrow on Wednesday and will travel to Japan via the Panama Canal, Japan Nuclear Fuel said.
KURE, Japan - The Maritime Self-Defense Force transport ship Kunisaki on Monday morning left the MSDF base in Kure, Hiroshima Prefecture, carrying missile interceptors to be deployed in Okinawa to prepare for North Korea's planned rocket launch.
The aluminum vessel is a sturdy, reliable workboat that can work in the harshest sea conditions and can also be used as an alternative personnel transport ship.
Twelve Osprey vertical takeoff and landing aircraft were unloaded from a civilian transport ship at the Marine Corps' Iwakuni base in Yamaguchi Prefecture in late July.
Equipped with a helicopter landing deck and space for troops, the amphibious transport ship, in service since 1971, can support an array of missions as a "forward staging base" involving special forces, countermine operations or repair work for warships, officials said.
The first Navy vessel to participate in OPF was USS Menard (APA 201), a Haskell-class attack transport ship that boarded 1,900 Vietnamese refugees traveling over a three-day period of time to the south.
The USS Hartford, a nuclear-powered fast-attack submarine, was fully submerged Friday when it collided with the transport ship the USS New Orleans, Fox News quoted a Navy official in the 5th Fleet, as saying.
The 16-metre long ship, a Dutch-modelled tjalk, a fiat-bottomed military transport ship, is one of the few remaining vessels from the time of Peter the Great.
Transport ship contract is good news for Mississippi.
However, a transport ship like the C- 17 aircraft cannot supply air strike support.
The helicopter was from an Australian navy transport ship that arrived from Singapore after three months providing tsunami relief in the Indonesian province of Aceh.
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