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the passage of gases through fine tubes because of differences in pressure or temperature

the process of giving off or exhaling water vapor through the skin or mucous membranes

the emission of water vapor from the leaves of plants

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Installation of Hollow Blade can eliminate the unnecessary water expense for the next two decades because this blade has been specially crafted to prevent water from transpiration.
Recognizing the significant impact on the shelf life of CRMs, Inorganic Ventures researched a variety of ways to halt transpiration.
We are always instructing companies to offer proper accommodation to the workers and also proper means of transpiration," he said.
The transpiration of water is an energetic process, so the more transpiration, the more heat is removed from the environment.
These interactions affect soil evaporation and plant transpiration.
Amount of seasonal potential of evaporation and transpiration were determined (ETa) between 1241 mm (125% water requirement) and 496.
2] pressure and thereby limiting transpiration, which is an important mechanism to avoid water loss and dehydration under conditions of stress (KRAMER; BOYER, 1995; LARCHER, 2004).
sun plants typically have higher rates of transpiration and stomatal conductance than shade plants (Young and smith, 1980).
The Executive Council--on which there are none, not one, zippo, zero, nada Democrats--is once again flexing its muscles, this time on the governor's nomination of Christopher Clement to take over as commissioner of the Department of Transpiration.
The AFA said it applauded Senate Majority Leader Reid for his efforts on getting the transpiration system back up.
He added, “In addition to the site's extensive variety of custom and standard filtering products, users can also explore and compare allied components and accessories for the industry such as filter carts, unit indicators & switches, backwash systems, small particle separators, compressors, suction strainers, screens, air flow control valves, breathers, filtration stations, wound polypropylene cartridges, elements as well as transpiration cooling, oil-water separation, sand shifters, acoustic attenuation, strainers, fluidization, membrane technology and liquid filtration solutions.
transpiration, photosynthesis and convective heat exchange (Ruseckas 2002; [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 1967; Sirvydas, Kerpauskas 2006) or theoretically substantiate or advance technological processes (Cesna et al.
Sun plants on the other hand have higher photosynthetic rates at high light levels, and also have higher transpiration and stomatal conductance rates (Young & Smith 1980).
Most of the water will be lost immediately by evaporation, but the plants will be cooled, and less water will be lost from the plants by transpiration.
The base allows for superior transpiration through lateral vents permitting the soft fruit to breathe more easily and therefore aiding fruit conservation.