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involving or operating in several nations or nationalities

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By socializing among themselves--rather than with the locals among whom they live--they recreate, trans-locally and transnationally, the social and cultural space of the old settlement, by which a sense of belonging to the old village as "the home" is imagined and enacted outside its territory.
it difficult to effectively supervise transnationally operating banks.
It has also not previously considered the role of network and community interactions in contributing to shared practices and ideas transnationally throughout ROL and ICL settings.
Infernal Affairs' roof top scene also reflects Hong Kong residents' ambivalent political attitude toward the ubiquitous presence of transnationally manufactured and consumed global commodities.
This Part goes on to examine the subsequent state practice of major destination countries to determine if they are acting as though they have an obligation to prevent trafficking transnationally.
The rapid growth of transnationally outsourced call centre work in India during the first decade of the 21st century has, in the public imagination as it has for scholars, offered a rich symbol of the broader transformations of labour within global capitalism.
The conference will bring together leaders from governments, education institutions and business from more than 70 countries to explore how innovation systems are formed, structured and driven globally and transnationally.
UN Special Representative John Ruggie named a series of standards that the UN Human Rights Council has endorsed as "Guiding Principles" for how businesses should "protect, respect and remedy" human rights when operating transnationally.
It should be noted that the International Association of Mission Studies (IAMS) was founded in 1972, a year before ASM, to meet the need for academic respectability among missiologists transnationally.
She was a member of the coordinating committee of the Feminist Dialogues at various World Social Forums, an initiative that facilitated feminist advocates meeting transnationally.
With such diverse expertise on hand, we're able to figure out how and when to deploy smart people power transnationally to tackle big challenges like corruption in Brazil, scaling consumer demand for the sharing economy, or changing the culture of homophobia in sports.
Examining fascism and the Holocaust transnationally, Finchelstein underscores the importance of studying the interconnections between the global and the national in determining historical experience.
Meta-regulatory regimes codified neoliberal edicts and circulated them transnationally, encouraging developing states to utilize economic efficiency (and all that this entails, including further reliance on First World service providers) (46) as a foundational governing precept.
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