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involving or operating in several nations or nationalities

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From a security perspective, this, along with its explanations of sectarian dynamics, both internal to Lebanon and transnationally with respect to Iran, Syria, and the Gulf--and the highlighting of where tensions, fragmentation, and factionalism already exist and why--is R.
As employers become more aware of the actual practices that are happening transnationally in countries of origin and destination, and being more concerned about their employees and their companies involvement in the process, it is vital to support them.
For Eckel, the careers of six American writers (Longfellow, Fuller, Douglass, Emerson, Whitman, and Grace Greenwood) become transnationally legible if we unpack certain eras and watershed moments in those careers.
By circumventing the teleologies that dominate the historiography Johnson can frame his history transnationally, his second fundamental approach.
To understand how different regimes of governmentality work transnationally is a new challenge to the already complex formulations of governmentality within and around the territorially bound nation-states.
The labor of handwork and constructed anonymity fuel different consumer imagination transnationally while "producing a particular kind of artisanal worker" among Dafen artists (p.
In this paper, I contend that globally competitive mining corporations, entwined with transnational capital and promoted by transnationally oriented state elites, have supplanted earlier international corporate models and statist developmental policies.
We find there is no better time to raise the questions we explore in this special issue regarding women of color and gender equity, given both the recent advancements and the continued challenges women and girls of color face in the United States and transnationally.
as well as emerging transnationally oriented business elites.
The rapid growth of transnationally outsourced call centre work in India during the first decade of the 21st century has, in the public imagination as it has for scholars, offered a rich symbol of the broader transformations of labour within global capitalism.
In applying the intensity test to a non-State armed group operating transnationally, is it legitimate to aggregate armed attacks occurring in geographically diverse locations in order to determine whether, taken as a whole, they cross the intensity threshold so as to amount to a non-international armed conflict?
There is no clear obligation on Canada and other home states to regulate their corporations when they are operating transnationally.
The conference will bring together leaders from governments, education institutions and business from more than 70 countries to explore how innovation systems are formed, structured and driven globally and transnationally.
Furthermore, as Jahan Ramazani emphasizes in one of the best essays in the Handbook, the bottom line is not just that modernist poetics turns to this entire panoply of discursive protocols but that, in so doing, it operates of necessity transnationally, topologically, and interstitially, completing its project both as a non-"totalist" whole and in its individual undertakings according to what Susan Stanford Friedman calls the "circulation model" (503).
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