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involving or operating in several nations or nationalities

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Whether you're a merchant looking to accept EMV chip cards and magnetic stripe payments with a device that connects via audio jack, connects via Bluetooth or a merchant looking to accept mobile wallets, TransNational Payments has you covered.
Participants were provided with a wealth of experience, knowledge, and examples of real-life scenarios from the complex world of transnational organized crime.
Several of them, notably from smaller states which believe transnational lists would be dominated by France and Germany, have expressed opposition.
Exploring the dispute resolution system for securities transactions in a transnational environment, Andreotti argues that a transnational legal infrastructure for transnational securities transactions, especially regarding dispute resolution, is still lacking, which undermines the emergence of stronger transnational financial markets.
And what does this say about the potential of a transnational perspective for researchers in general?
The edited volume Global Genres, Local Films offers a welcome addition to the growing literature on Spanish transnational cinema written in English, providing a range of thoughtful analyses that augment the insights already made in such recent works as Benet (2015), Dapena, D'Lugo and Elena (2013) and Dennison (2013), as well as in the articles published in the journal Transnational Cinemas by Berger (2016), Cerdan and Fernandez Labayen (2015), Falicov (2013) or Craig (2010), to name but a few.
A February 2017 Executive Order prioritizes combating transnational criminal organizations and sets out how the U.
Jay Howard Geller's and Leslie Morris's Three- Way Street unites a total of four teen articles touching on various aspects of German-Jewish transnational culture in the twentieth century.
The Suffolk Transnational Law Review was created in 1976 by a group of Suffolk Law students who wanted to combine their interests in international law and legal writing.
We have a unique company culture unlike any other at TransNational, and it's incredibly rewarding for our employees to be recognized for their selfless dedication to better our customers and industry," said Jae Haas, President of TransNational Payments.
The seven articles of close readings presented below in one way or another reveal the essence of transnational cultural studies by exploring the transnational culture, transnational memory and transnational identity in the literary texts.
UNTOC--UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crime (2000), and its supplementing protocols:
An OSCE-supported training seminar on countering transnational organized crime and trafficking in drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors began June 1 in Ust-Kamenogorsk, eastern Kazakhstan.
Valu Merchandisers names Transnational Foods Vendor of the Year
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