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involving or operating in several nations or nationalities

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20) influence each other: migrants are influenced by the policies and practices of both the receiving and the sending states, and the migrants' contexts influence their transnational practices.
Work on such movements demonstrates how far the history of home involves transnational themes, including the recruitment of migrants and refugees who crossed national borders to do domestic work, and their development of what has been called the 'transnational family'--one that maintained contact and relationship across national borders.
The Second Part, "Global Schemes and Local Realities: Transnational Islam and the Palestinian Refugee Problem," also consists of three chapters titled "Official Islam, Transnational Islamic Network, and Regional Politics: The Case of Syria," "Religious Mobilizations in Palestinian Refugee Camps in Lebanon: The Case of Ain al-Helweh," and "Resolving the Palestinian Refugee Problem: Edward A.
In this vein, the book articulates both the possibilities and limitations of the post-and transnational turn in American literary studies.
Thus over time, many Chinese transnational corporations would come to accept, and implement, international best business practices if they wanted to be regarded as respectable global corporate citizens.
The role of national and transnational organizations in affecting change at the local level has been discussed widely in the development literature.
The nature of global security is itself changing, raising a variety of new and emerging challenges in the second basket: global and transnational issues.
Case studies of national-level reform and advocacy efforts are looked at in detail, as well as the controversy concerning TRIPS (Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights), trade, and essential HIV/ AIDS drugs which, she argues, illuminates the collision course of transnational corporate and global trade agendas with the struggle for gender, racial and regional equity and the right to health.
They are not, however, developing and testing national or transnational plans for possible large-scale quarantine.
Yet, a deeper look into the nature of transnational networks reveals a less promising scenario for Kurdish statehood.
In addition, it states that information related to "defense against transnational terrorism" is classifiable.
Our students were committed to the discussion forum because by participating in these transnational conversations, they became part of the very phenomenon they were studying.
The International Federation of Accountants and seven major transnational accounting firms together are planning a global initiative to strengthen international accounting and auditing practices.
Fordham University's executive MBA -- the Transnational MBA program --allows busy professionals to earn a fully accredited MBA in just two years without leaving their full-time job.
Economic and political pressures are keeping the playing field level, while transnational OEMs remain keenly sensitive to the issues of "domestic" content in their vehicles.
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