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Synonyms for transmogrification

the process or result of changing from one appearance, state, or phase to another

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the act of changing into a different form or appearance (especially a fantastic or grotesque one)

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The process of alert transmogrification gives teams a process for addressing alerts and enabling them to behave differently.
Such transmogrification is central to crisis theory because the compositions of social capital effect the tendential law of the rate of profit to fall.
The transmogrification of the islands from rural, sparsely populated communities to resorts has meant a concomitant shift in racial population.
At Republic 381b1-c9, Plato objects to poetic depictions of divine transmogrification, (21) since the gods are in the best possible state and this would imply that they voluntarily enter into a worse state.
The transmogrification of Allen's humor from the classic comedies that strive for transcendence to the repetition of his own and others conventions represents more than just a mere change in popular and aesthetic comedic styles.
It may be regarded as a form of punishment, but in the final instance, in Africa it is "normal" transmogrification.
Sautscheck," the German transmogrification of the second half
It is now claimed that the transmogrification was largely the work of Ezra Pound, who persuaded Yeats that the Celtic Twilight belonged to yesterday, and that today's sun beamed on the buccaneer and smart-stepping salesman.
Cool Frootz LLC has developed a patented technology called a Transmogrification Unit [TMU] which produces delicious proprietary frozen products made entirely of pure IQF fruit and/or vegetables and/or other edible flora that has the mouth feel and texture of soft serve ice cream.
This also said, I wonder if the transmogrification that takes place during transition isn't more on the inside, than on the outside.
For example, consider the composition of "The Woods So Wild" the seventh chapter of Anthony Lamont's novel; this short chapter appears to be a direct transmogrification of the first of Ezra Pound's Cantos.
Perhaps unsurprisingly in this context, the acceleration of migratory flows in the last part of the twentieth century is often associated with celebratory evocations of multi-hyphenated identities and cross-cultural transmogrification by hybridity theorists such as Homi K.
Gutierrez, author of the prizewinning collection Elements, has created an even more sumptuous fictional Xanadu populated by those who are fascinatingly sad and endlessly wish for transmogrification.
But Illich additionally points out that the transmogrification of commons into its perverse identification as an exploitable resource was allowable only because an epochal shift had taken place in the human spirit as well.
Similarly, from within academic public administration Cigler laments the transmogrification of 'wants' into 'needs,' and then these new needs into 'rights', "with little or no engagement in the broader discussion about what is good for society" (1996: 68; see also Thomas, 1999; Box, 1998).