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Synonyms for transmogrification

the process or result of changing from one appearance, state, or phase to another

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the act of changing into a different form or appearance (especially a fantastic or grotesque one)

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But although the viper, like Eve herself, is condemned to give birth in great pain, the explosion of its womb is a direct consequence of its virginity--in this case, a total encapsulation and transmogrification of female genitalia.
Keenly focused on transmogrification of ephemeral touch into concretised gesture Huffman treats the clay with finesse, alternating firm confidence with delicate restraint.
It is a laudatory transmogrification accorded to few events in the fraught history of Encounters.
We were surprised by the clamor, the rustling sound of the talk, which was prolonged and repeated, the praises for God and calls for the Creator to heal ailing bodies, and other less harmonious pleas for transmogrification and travel through invisible worlds.
Sautscheck," the German transmogrification of the second half
In his transmogrification the boy terrifies his sisters, who are able to ascend a rising tree and escape brother-bear.
Bob hit it because he was the transmogrification of [Andre] Breton--Breton born again in the 1970s," Breuer figures.
Cool Frootz LLC has developed a patented technology called a Transmogrification Unit [TMU] which produces delicious proprietary frozen products made entirely of pure IQF fruit and/or vegetables and/or other edible flora that has the mouth feel and texture of soft serve ice cream.
This is the alchemy of the modern age, the transmogrification of subject into object, of man into thing against which the destructive urge may wreak its fury without restraint.
This also said, I wonder if the transmogrification that takes place during transition isn't more on the inside, than on the outside.
For example, consider the composition of "The Woods So Wild" the seventh chapter of Anthony Lamont's novel; this short chapter appears to be a direct transmogrification of the first of Ezra Pound's Cantos.
Perhaps unsurprisingly in this context, the acceleration of migratory flows in the last part of the twentieth century is often associated with celebratory evocations of multi-hyphenated identities and cross-cultural transmogrification by hybridity theorists such as Homi K.
The senseless inscription is partly a transmogrification of the Hebrew expression "sem ha-meforasch," which is a reference to G-d's immeasurable name.
Gutierrez, author of the prizewinning collection Elements, has created an even more sumptuous fictional Xanadu populated by those who are fascinatingly sad and endlessly wish for transmogrification.
Swyer-James (MacLeod) syndrome with placental transmogrification of the lung: a case report and review of the literature.