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Synonyms for transmittable

(of disease) capable of being transmitted by infection

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Consumption is one of one of the most deadly transmittable illness in history," informed Dr.
While latent TB itself is not infectious, ten percent of those with unrealized TB later come from active transmittable TB, a generally nasty elderly disease.
Jamie Wisbey, 49, was suspected to have a transmittable skin condition and was kept in a cell during the brief private hearing.
In guinea pigs, tranylcypromine reduced the amount of virus transmittable to other animals.
We don't know what that means and so far we have no reason to think it can be transmittable to humans but it is a new virus, so we are still learning.
He fielded various questions from students including on ways to eradicate poverty and lack of electricity using new technologies available in India, such as wireless transmittable electricity.
Cruzi parasite infects mammals, but matures into its transmittable stage within the small intestine of the Triatoma Infestans bug.
Adherent HIV patients are more likely to achieve improved health outcomes and suppressed viral loads, which make the virus less likely to be transmittable.
And some diseases are transmittable to humans as well.
ORLANDO -- A novel smartphone otoscope attachment provides clear, transmittable images of the ear drum or tympanic membrane, and could revolutionize the approach to diagnosing and managing ear infections, according to Dr.
became tense and admitted that the passport and application belonged to her friend who suffered a transmittable disease.
1 Clinical conditions such as diagnosis or the relapse of cancer, developmental errors of the conceived foetus, suspicions of comorbid, transmittable or infectious diseases and acute emergencies that has to be communicated to the patients or to their relatives is considered bad news.
Societies of all Central Asian countries are increasingly experiencing drug-related problems, such as growing drug addiction and threat of infectious transmittable diseases such as HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis among injecting drug users.
During warm winters, flu is less transmittable," lead author Sherry Towers says.