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Synonyms for transmit

Synonyms for transmit

to cause to be transferred from one to another

to cause (something) to be conveyed to a destination

to cause (a disease) to pass to another or others

to convey (something) from one generation to the next

to serve as a conduit

Synonyms for transmit

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3 that the average number of nodes that transmit in a slot converges to a constant less than 1 as the number of nodes goes to infinity.
In one-to-many applications, an application server transmits data to a group of receivers.
Although administrative controls instituted relatively late in this transmission chain reduced the number of contacts for some SARS patients, we cannot exclude the possibility that ascertainment of contacts for patients who did not transmit SARS was incomplete.
Elizabeth's Medical Center in Boston, was prompted to look into the possibility that flies transmit the bacterium.
1) presents interesting results, not only on the ability of American robins to transmit Lyme disease spirochetes but also on the birds' tolerance to reinfection after the original infectivity has waned.
Mosquitoes treated in this way cannot then transmit the virus.
Thus, NLO materials transmit a maximum amount, rather than simply a percentage, of incoming light.
albopictus can transmit several New World pathogens, including LaCrosse encephalitis virus, a mosquito-borne organism that already infects tens of thousands of U.