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transfer (a chromosomal segment) to a new position

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move from one place to another, especially of wild animals

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Baiju Raj MV, Wildlife biologist from Wildlife SOS who is also officer in charge of the Agra Bear Rescue Facility said, " We will be deploying a combination of indigenous and scientific techniques to translocate the jackals.
The sensitive ecological work that is currently being carried out in Kirkby is actually to translocate and protect the water vole colony and improve their habitat for the years to come.
presents this updated explanation of the unique properties and common terminology of cell-penetrating peptides (CPPs), which have the ability to translocate the cell membrane and gain access to the cellular interior.
Bacteria translocate across the mucosa, invading the submucosal and muscle layers.
Lastly, wild animals translocate more successfully than captive-bred animals.
STATs are activated by phosphorylation whereby they translocate to the nucleus to regulate tissue specific gene expression.
Both algal symbionts photosynthetically fix inorganic carbon and translocate some of the products to the animal host.
For example, HDOT recently expended hundreds of millions of dollars to install energy efficient lighting improvements at the State airports and commercial harbors to avoid impacts to sensitive species on the Islands as well as millions of dollars to safely translocate the endangered Nene away from airport facilities.
In order to prevent the extirpation of the remaining re- introduced prairie-chicken population from the state, the IDNR implemented a plan to translocate greater prairie-chickens from Nebraska to Iowa (Iowa Greater Prairie-chicken Management Committee, 2013).
One potential mitigation option would be to translocate platform-associated fishes away from the platform prior to the implementation of explosives.
Lots of young corals that we didn't translocate are now growing there," Wilson said.
Disaggregating cost data by carnivore group, ursines and felids were the most expensive to translocate (US$ 3,981 [+ or -] 1,412, N = 6 and US$ 3,941 [+ or -] 1,242, N = 7, respectively).
If there are biofilms existing in the drain, how those translocate can cause contamination on the line.