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rewrite in a different script

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The translators chose to transliterate IRTs which have no equivalents in TL, giving explanatory notes only to some of them.
Van der Meij seems to forget that the majority of Old Javanese Romanisation systems, notably, as we have pointed out above, those implemented in Zoetmulder's Old Javanese-English Dictionary as well as in several philological works that appeared after its publication, are fundamentally inspired by the conventions, such as IAST, developed in the course of the nineteenth century by scholars in Indian studies to transliterate a plethora of Indic scripts, starting with but not limited to the problem of how to transliterate Sanskrit.
The New American Bible Revised Edition does not transliterate it.
Also, if you transliterate the Latin form, Nero Caesar, into Hebrew, you get the same Hebrew, but with one letter missing and a total of 616.
After another half century Lloyd Ostendorf convinced Sutton to transliterate the text into a coherent narrative that Ostendorf, at first alone and then with the editorial assistance of Walter Oleksy, worked for the next half century to get published.
The text takes its name from a phrase that is found in section C, lines 26-27, of the editors' composite text which they translate as 'We have sent you some of the precepts of the Torah according to our decision, for your welfare and the welfare of your people' (the editors prefer not to transliterate the final yod of ma'ase; one wonders too whether ma'aseh can really bear the weight of being translated as 'precept').
The handset comes with a Unite Messaging Service that allows users to translate and transliterate text in any language with the company's patented 'Swipe' feature.
One of the innovations is the use of the colon (:) to transliterate the vertical bar marking vowel length (this is obviously the bar's function, as it is in the mentioned Berlin codex--contrast p.
Under the agreement, the word will be replaced by the currency's abbreviation EUR in the Bulgarian version of the SAA, "because there is still a divergence of views on the way to transliterate the word".
Additionally, the editor's decision is at odds with several of his other transliteration choices: for example, why transliterate divar (8a/1) when this Persian word is correctly given as divar in the original?
Another problem arises from the attempt to transliterate Arabic
The transliteration system is quirky, and it seems unhelpful to transliterate Arabic with a Persian accent.