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Synonyms for translator

Synonyms for translator

a person who translates written messages from one language to another


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someone who mediates between speakers of different languages

a program that translates one programming language into another

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The translator at the center of the situation in Woodstock, Ga.
These translators have not read Persian books and cannot write in Persian, but since Persian is their native language they assume that they can be translators," he lamented.
Project clarity is essential before beginning your search for a translator.
Microsoft Translator is designed to be a simple tool of communication.
What can a translator gain from being part of a Cedilla?
The strategies adopted by translators to earn their readers' trust, benevolence, approval, and, ideally, admiration have a lot to reveal concerning translation trends and approaches, and concerning what the role of the translator is perceived to be at a given time and in a given place.
It will also give businesses a way to make online payments to translators and rate and browse translator profiles.
One of the great scholars in the field of Translation Studies, Wills considers translator training "an open field which calls for experiment and innovation" [1].
Among the translation staff is a translator for people with special needs.
the relationship between technology (more precisely TMs), translator satisfaction and status.
Translators charge SR5,000 during Haj season, which makes it difficult to recruit the necessary number of translators to service the host of pilgrims of different nationalities and languages.
Translation firms would also need to be operated by a licensed translator.
I pay particular attention to the importance of historicizing the translator's practice, recognizing the translator as a visible agent, and conceptualizing translation as a form of writing that unfolds within complex interactions and negotiations (2).
Their already translated segments are uploaded into a common repository that subsequently provides possible perfect of fuzzy matches not only to the one translator that uploaded them, but also to the other members of the translation team.
When your documents are complete and ready for translation, make sure that they are "clean" before you submit them to the translator.