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an impermanence that suggests the inevitability of ending or dying

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Indeed, perception is neither unconscious nor dynamic: since, if the ensemble of moving images constitutes the material and present world, perception corresponds to these same images "referred to the eventual action of one particular image, my body" (Bergson 8, emphasis added) and the transitoriness of the material world is mediated and stabilized by the individual perception.
I am impressed by the transitoriness of human life to such an extent that I am often saying a farewell--after dining with Roger for instance; or reckoning how many more times I shall see Nessa.
Croft (2001) defines objects, properties, and actions in terms of four semantic properties: relationality, stativity, transitoriness, and gradability.
In his infatuation with the past, with ancestors, with immortality and transitoriness, Payne makes a Wordsworthian use of landscape that keeps on rendering Hawaii as a piece of heaven on earth.
Filmmaking not only creates a false sense of omniscience in materializing our consciousness, it also becomes an effort at avoiding death and a refusal to acknowledge that transitoriness defines our uniqueness.
Labour is the living, form-giving fire; it is the transitoriness of things, their temporality, as their formation by living time.
Therefore, in the story, marks of Mansfield's modern model are identified from the appreciation of the poetic beauty of daydreaming, highlighting the surprise of the unpredictability of human attitudes and of the transitoriness of love.
Contemplating the diversity of the painted specters--including a western skeleton probably copied from a Chinese rendition of Andreas Vesalius' anatomy book "De Humani Corporis" (1543) (46)--as well as the meanings of their eccentric, fluid shapes, the lyrical "I" puts human passions into perspective against the transitoriness of life and concludes by judging the artist's genius as itself haunted in its ambiguity:
Transitoriness and instability are characteristics of modern and large cities, but they do not necessarily imply that travel and the spaces of movement are devoid of meaning.
While arguing that a complete, definitive analysis is not possible, due to the constraints of subjectivity, transitoriness, and historical interest, they aim to reconstruct The Wonders' anglo-Saxon audience, as they claim the space between literary and art history and deal with motive and interpretation.
Ephemera' is concerned with the transitoriness of the 'life' of texts and also with the placing of them in time, whereas 'jobbing print' is atemporal and value-neutral: in Young's terms, 'jobbing print' is 'substantive' rather than 'abstract'.
Like Keats he believes in the permanence of art and transitoriness of life.
The final male and female figures, full skeletons, were made from selected bones of numerous cadavers; they hold scythes that reinforce a narrative reading of Lelli's work as a comment on the transitoriness of life.
To a far greater extent than ordinary cinema, they promised, as Siegfried Kracauer put it, "to wrest the totality of life from its transitoriness and to transmit it in the eternity of the image" (Kracauer 124).
He is, as Michael Hamburger once observed, an author obsessed "with transitoriness and the interweaving of seemingly unconnected phenomena and events.