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Synonyms for transitiveness

the grammatical relation created by a transitive verb

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Ordinal Dominance, being dominated, transitiveness and equability
a-a-d) is generally dominating (b-b-c) and further on transitiveness plays fully.
Poetry here is a means of access to, and experimentation with, pre- and extra- individual association, 'a matter of conjoining the materiality of language with the transitiveness of the psyche'.
d-a-a) is generally dominating (o-b-b); (a-d-a) is generally dominating (b-o-b); (a-a-d) is generally dominating (b-b-o); and further transitiveness plays fully.
2 for reminders on partitions), and by adding a transitiveness condition--without the latter, such "disconnected" Hurwitz numbers would be given by Frobenius's formula.