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in a transitive manner

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In particular, the first (nonrecursive) rule states that b is directly reachable from a, if there is an arc from a to b; while the second (recursive) rule states that b is transitively reachable from a, if there is a path in the graph from a to b.
The performer-flow graph is formed by the activity-performer associations that can be transitively obtained from the activity-role associations and the role-performer associations in the information control net, as followings:
For the second part, note that when the edge automorphism group A acts transitively on E(N), there is only one orbit Ae = E(N) for all e [member of] E(N).
Such bodily incorporation continues to collapse the division between perceived and imagined narrative, as the ways in which users employ such physically integrated technology helps them to imagine such devices--and transitively, the media they stream--as extensions of self-identity.
The opposition with the active is clear in those middle voice verbs that also allow an active voice: koimatai, 'he sleeps', in which the subject is internal to the process, then becomes koima, 'he puts (someone or something) to sleep, makes one sleep', in which the process, no longer having its place in the subject, comes to be transferred transitively to another term that becomes the object.
Kohlhaas wages his rebellion against the state of Saxony in part because, on his view, Kantian intention and moral responsibility ascend transitively.
Hilbert argue in a coauthored essay that psychophysical models of the color spaces of color blind observers can be reliably parsed as truncations of the color spaces of 'normal' observers, an outcome that suggests, transitively, that such color spaces represent something real and durable about colors in the world.
Seen amid a tight selection of works in Hoey's recent miniretrospective at Albany's University Art Museum last fall, this and other photographs traded in an emotional multiplicity and oscillation, typically packed with a set of intricately related affective responses for the viewer to parse and sometimes transitively feel.
Then C is transitively dependent on A via B (provided that A is not functionally dependent on B or C) [1].
In jealousy and in cruelty too, we define ourselves in relation to another; to sense our lack we identify with his fullness, which we are able to taste transitively, in the texture of his experience.
These two rules apply transitively across the structure according to the partial ordering given by the links.
Soplar" means to blow air or wind, transitively and intransitively, presenting various implications in the context of the image and title.
In both cases, FTC [section] 5 was relevant only because it gave the Commission statutory authority; it was irrelevant insofar as the complaints alleged that the defendants engaged in conduct prohibited directly under section 1 of the Sherman Act (6) and only transitively under FTC [section] 5.
He answers, "Homilists, taking va-yinaffash transitively, as the causative form seems to invite, find a hint of God's breathing life and spirit into Adam's form" (p.
Think how, transitively, the framing of that new power by the president himself seemed to spring--I ask you--from that same mood of national intimacy.