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Synonyms for metal

any of several chemical elements that are usually shiny solids that conduct heat or electricity and can be formed into sheets etc

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cover with metal

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containing or made of or resembling or characteristic of a metal

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For instance, if the transition element is located in junction of a thick solid component connected to a moderately thick shell component, the transversal normal strains should be included in the finite element formulation.
One-irregular mesh means that a single transition element is coupled with 4 regular elements at one of the faces of the transition element.
The potential problems of using the [epsilon]-NTU method in elemental heat exchanger models occur at the transition element (a tube or a segment) where both single-phase and two-phase refrigerants exist.
There have been some calculations for K shells for inert gases and selected transition elements.
3 also shows that a linear approximation (percentage change in [lambda] [approximately equals to] percentage change in transition element X elasticity) predicts larger changes in [lambda] quite accurately (see Heppell 1998, Caswell 2000), with the exception of one transition with a very high elasticity (61.
1986) are calculated from the matrix of transition elements, and they become the weights on the edges of the directed graph of the elasticity matrix.
The transition element containing the characteristic elasticity of the loop is given.
45-60) analyze the manner in which the choreographic composition harmonizes the space, time, energetic aspects, the transition elements and the technical quality of the constitutive movements, each of those having requirements expressly provided for in the FIG Code (FIG Code of points for 2013-2016) of points, which represent assessment criteria in official competitions.
These documents, he said, will define additional terms and transition elements within the accession procedure.
Nickel is one of transition elements used to modify the titania surface.
Solid compounds of transition elements II; proceedings.
Traditional and formal, Hinkley Lighting's Margeaux (#3582VS) is part of a combination stem- and-chain-hung collection and features cast transition elements that extend from the body to the torchere arms.
We have prepared a strategic plan for the heritage group that is divided into three elements, which are heritage elements, complementary elements and transition elements.
Chemists from Canada, the US, Scotland, and France introduce graduate students and researchers to metal oxides, particularly those with one or more transition elements, which have long served as the foundation of solid-state inorganic chemistry.
there are trace elements, mostly transition elements, and hence adapted to fill the roles in which we mainly find them, as nuclei and ligands in metallo-organic complexes and oxido-reduction enzymes containing Fe, Mn, Co, Cu, and Zn.
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