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Synonyms for transit

Synonyms for transit

the moving of persons or goods from one place to another

the process or an instance of passing from one form, state, or stage to another

to go across

Synonyms for transit

a surveying instrument for measuring horizontal and vertical angles, consisting of a small telescope mounted on a tripod

a journey usually by ship


make a passage or journey from one place to another

pass across (a sign or house of the zodiac) or pass across (the disk of a celestial body or the meridian of a place)

revolve (the telescope of a surveying transit) about its horizontal transverse axis in order to reverse its direction

Related Words

cause or enable to pass through

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Overall, the Fiscal Impact Study found that the proposed North Brunswick Transit Village will significantly increase the municipal tax base and positively affect revenue flow for the Township of North Brunswick, a condition known as a "positive ratable".
Efficient transit also brings the customers--not just the workers--to businesses' doors.
FUZZY DATA Just as fishermen once set sail from Nantucket Island on perilous whaling expeditions, astronomers in centuries past embarked on hazardous journeys around the globe to chase the transit of Venus (SN: 4/17/04, p.
In short, O'Toole writes in his understated conclusion, "rail transit is not the urban savior that its advocates claim.
The New York Metropolitan Transit Authority and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which received most of the $4.
The book's second part emphasizes transit physical aspects related to crime prevention through environmental design and the tactical ramifications when law enforcement officers approach buses and trains, including their mobility, which can impact the safety and security of officers, transit employees, and the public.
132(f) to give transit and vanpooling benefits the same tax treatment as that afforded parking benefits in the TRA '97.
Technological advances in the transit industry, such as automatic fare collection and passenger-activated doors, highlight the need to work with blind people and resolve information access and travel issues.
In beginning the master plan process, NJ Transit is seeking to achieve the following goals:
Naval Observatory astronomer James Harkness, just before observing the 1882 transit of Venus
Hood Freeway in the 1970s, deciding instead to improve transit options.
The likelihood of numerous casualties coupled with an inherent lack of security makes mass transit systems a suitable mark for terrorism.