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an exogenous gene introduced into the genome of another organism

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The collaboration between NEB and Transgene involves an innovative approach to enzymatically digesting, or degrading, DNA impurities in the manufacture of viral vectors.
Transgene has four compounds in phase 2 clinical development: TG4010 and Pexa-Vec (JX594/TG6006) having already completed initial phase 2 trials, TG4001 and TG4040.
multidisciplinary partnerships combining public and private research, such as the partnership forged recently by the CEA and the Institut Pasteur; - cross-disciplinary research programs involving the group's companies and, in certain cases, Fondation Merieux: - ADNA (Advanced Diagnostics and New Therapeutics Approaches): This personalized medicine and theranostics program brings together bioMerieux, Transgene, Genethon and GenoSafe and is supported by OSEO (French Agency for innovation aid).
Since neither the production of human FSH (hFSH) transgenic cows nor the expression of such heterodimeric protein from a single-chain transgene in transgenic cows has yet been reported, the production of single-chain hFSH-transgenic cows using somatic cell NT was attempted in the present study.
Another type of transgene that is commonly used is a purely therapeutic gene.
In limb buds, the transgene is barely expressed at NF stage 51, and expression remains weak until NF stages 61-62.
The third approach involved introducing a transgene that would produce 'molecular decoys' to keep the virus' RNA polymerase molecules from transcribing other viral genes.
In the current study, the resulting hybrid sunflowers that contained the transgene had 50 percent more seeds than control hybrids without the gene.
A major limitation to the development of clinical applications of vascular gene transfer is the difficulty in developing clinical studies that will provide data defining the kinetics and extent of transgene expression in human atherosclerotic arteries in vivo.
Positive mice are currently being bred to homozygousity and detection of transgene expression is currently being performed by RT/PCR analysis.
HAN633) BERNARD GILLY, CEO of TRANSGENE (TRGNY), describes the company's business and its background; prospects for the industry, with positive and negative trends; competitive threats; strategic opportunities for the firm including its marketing plans and acquisition potential; management strength and organization; and the financial prospects of the firm looking forward.
Seed companies see it as protecting intellectual property, allowing them to develop transgene technology in more crops without the risk of losing money when farmers save seeds.
Transgene has concluded strategic agreements for the development of two of its immunotherapy products, an option agreement with Novartis for the development of TG4010 to treat various cancers, and an in-licensing agreement with U.
STRASBOURG, France, July 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Transgene S.
AC mouse was created in the FVB/N mice by pronuclear injection of a v-Ha-ras transgene linked to a fetal zeta-globin promoter and an SV40 polyadenation/splice sequence (Leder et al.