transfusion reaction

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reaction of the body to a transfusion of blood that is not compatible with its own blood

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There are 3 basic clinical scenarios for which the DAT is used: (1) investigation of suspected alloimmune-mediated hemolytic transfusion reactions, (2) evaluation for HDFN, and (3) investigation of autoimmune-mediated hemolytic anemia.
This large volume of blood product replacement places the client at great risk for transfusion reactions.
0% of which were hemolytic transfusion reactions due to single or multiple clinically significant antibodies that were not detected in pretransfusion testing.
Single-donor platelets reduce the risk of septic platelet transfusion reactions.
A case of acute hemolytic transfusion reaction due to anti-Dia antibody: A case report.
Release of mediators of systemic inflammatory response syndrome in the course of a severe delayed hemolytic transfusion reaction caused by anti-D.
Only adverse transfusion reactions that led to termination of blood transfusion were defined as transfusion reaction and were included in the study.
However, if the reaction is occurring with only anti-IgG AHG or a combination of both anti-IgG and anti-C3 AHG, then the classification is most likely a warm autoimmune hemolytic anemia (WAIHA), mixed AIHA, drug-induced AIHA, a transfusion reaction or HDN as seen in some neonates.
If blood products are not cultured promptly following an adverse transfusion reaction, the role of bacterial contamination cannot be definitely established.
According to Northover, the high risk of a transfusion reaction has given blood the reputation of being "the most dangerous drug in the hospital.
For patients with transfusion reactions (controls and acute hypotensive transfusion reaction patients), all components infused were leukoreduced at our regional donor center before storage.
In addition to detecting patient instabilities, hypotension, hypoxia, and changes in heart rate or rhythm, the wireless remote monitoring device also assisted in detecting a blood transfusion reaction.
An immediate hemolytic transfusion reaction apparently caused by anti-Di'.
3,4] This is an immune mediated delayed haemolytic transfusion reaction.
So if a thyroid surgery, for example, has a risk of transfusion of 2 in 1,000 cases, the risk of a mild transfusion reaction would be only 2 in 1 million cases (2:1,000 x 1:1,000) for atypical patient.
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