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capable of being changed in substance as if by alchemy

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Caption: From left: Sandu Darle, estructura transformable (Transformable Structure), ca.
Moreover, the material selection was the most important element in growing and transformable house application.
5 times greater than the first molecular weight; wherein the polymer has a first phase having a first glass transition temperature at which the polymer is transformable between a first shape and a second shape; wherein the second crosslinking agent is crystallizable within the polymer and thereby has a melting temperature that is detectable within the polymer; wherein the polyether backbone includes ethylene oxide and propylene oxide.
Previewing Human Ecology's new transformable classrooms
There is also an option to have a transformable sofa that turns into a double bed, along with a tiny kitchen and private bathroom.
Patent 8,691,362 (April 8, 2014), "Surfaces Physically Transformable by Environmental Changes,"Joanna Aizenberg, Thomas N.
This versatile, stylish, transformable, and single reusable product that is designed to fit perfectly into multiple lifestyles helps everyone multitask 3X faster.
The new project Transform is a follow-up of the previous one with, which uses the inFORM concept to make transformable furniture.
Es desarmable, transportable y transformable en otros elementos que le facilitan su uso como mobiliario multifuncional.
Transformable Lighting: In the issue's cover story, "Lighting for Multiform Theaters," John Lynn Sanford wrote about the "multiform theater," also known as the multi-purpose theater, where flexible lighting could adapt to accommodate theater performances such as dance or opera.
Several of the pieces from his spring-summer 2014 collection were transformable.
Devices on display at Computex in Taipei will highlight the chip's ability to blur the lines between tablets and laptops, allowing transformable machines with detachable touch screens and keypads.
The company's product portfolio consists of the industry's first transformable Security Engine, standalone next generation firewalls and intrusion prevention systems, and SSL VPN solutions.
It is estimated that the real growth of non-petroleum transformable industries is to reach 8.
These days, tablets are so versatile, transformable.
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