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Synonyms for transform

Synonyms for transform

to bring about a radical change in

Synonyms for transform

subject to a mathematical transformation

Related Words

change in outward structure or looks

change from one form or medium into another

convert (one form of energy) to another

change (a bacterial cell) into a genetically distinct cell by the introduction of DNA from another cell of the same or closely related species

increase or decrease (an alternating current or voltage)

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A Comparative study between Contourlet and Wavelet Transform for Medical Image Registration and Fusion" International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security(IJCSNS), 16: 5.
transFORM Gallery presents diverse and eclectic exhibitions of original artwork in Manhattan and New Rochelle, NY.
A comparison between Gabor wavelet transform and Haar wavelet transform is provided by Lim et al.
We had a lot to work with because Transform already had a strong track record of performance through research trials," said Margie Albrecht, Account Group Leader, Bader Rutter.
c) [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] This result will be useful, to find a new integral transform of:
In this section we find Aboodh transform of simple functions
The design consists of two Walsh transform blocks, a DSP block, and one Inverse Walsh transform block.
The variable xi denotes the watermark which is scrambled by Arnold transform.
Further improvements are achieved with introducing adaptivity into wavelet transform, where research is commonly focused on choosing different wavelets for a different class of signals.
As a result of the leadership of counseling associations, such as ASCA, and advocates for educational reform, such as the Education Trust, professional school counselors have a vision and the tools to transform their school counseling program and clarify their role.
The Gakkel cruise, along with a series of voyages to the SWIR between 1997 and 2005, led researchers to the unexpected discovery that these ultraslow ridges were completely devoid of transform faults.
Equally important, these modern and industrial pursuits helped to transform class relations and community ties by disrupting and transforming the upcountry South's rural class hierarchy, which depended less on wealth and occupation than on one's perceived industriousness, one's leadership within the local community, and one's longevity in the local community, to a class hierarchy in which occupation and consumerism determined one's local status.
Each Fourier transform F(Q) equals the volume integral [8] of the respective [rho](r)exp(-iQ * r), Q denoting the wave vector transfer.
In response to this call to arms, the Department of Defense initiated wide-ranging plans, policies, and programs to transform itself.
Johnson & Johnson (J&J) is acquiring TransForm Pharmaceuticals Inc.