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a globulin in blood plasma that carries iron

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Conclusion: The ratio of soluble transferrin receptor to ferritin was lower in higher stages of chronic kidney disease.
Hepcidin (Hep), ferroportin-1(Fpn-1) and transferrin (Tf) are the important proteins associated with iron metabolism and the onset of acute phase response (APR) influences their gene expressions.
Control values of serum ferritin and transferrin were obtained from non-pregnant, non-anemic, healthy females of the same age group.
Among these 12 proteins, 10 of them were upregulated in mature yak FF, including transferrin and ENOSF1.
Transferrin may be considered as suitable candidate for targeting drug delivery due to its non-toxic, biodegradable, non-immunogenic properties as well as efficient uptake through transferrin receptors.
TRF-DOX is a combination of the iron-binding glycoprotein, transferrin, and Doxorubicin resulting in targeted delivery to tumours with the reduction of serious side effects.
This corresponded to a sensitivity of 86% and a specificity of 50%, using a transferrin saturation of <25% as the diagnostic criterion for iron deficiency.
Transferrin saturation and serum ferritin arethe preferential indicators for estimation of iron status.
Results showed that the amount of artemisinin and transferrin in the tumor increased 10 and 5.
The percentage of saturation of transferrin with iron is determined by the following equation:
Transferrin saturation level calculated using formula Tranferrin Saturation = Serum Iron /TIBC.
They stated that "causality may be difficult to claim in this study, since, unlike transferrin saturation, increased ferritin is associated with many diseases other than hereditary iron overload.
An EIA for quantifying the level of transferrin receptor in human serum or plasma.
CHr showed a significant positive correlation with hemoglobin, mean corpuscular volume, mean corpuscular hemoglobin, mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration, serum iron, and transferrin saturation and a significant negative correlation with transferrin and total iron-binding capacity.
Carbohydrate deficient transferrin (CDT) has been shown to be more useful than other widely available biochemical tests for alcohol abuse.