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(psychoanalysis) the process whereby emotions are passed on or displaced from one person to another

the act of transfering something from one form to another


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Religion and the psychotherapeutic relationship: Transferential and countertransferential dimensions.
It does not engage, broach or even indicate any larger transferential phenomena pertinent to the meaning and value of human relationships and of life at large.
The historian Carolyn Steedman has written at length about what she calls "the historian's massive transferential relationship to the past," a relationship that pushes the historian in her impossible quest to
The words themselves enact a return, and the transferential relations of love and hate in pedagogical spaces, the unconscious return of which Britzman speaks, is made performance, and on my lips, is made flesh.
This transferential relation (transferential because the demand addressed to the Other is transferred to particular human beings who serve as stand-ins) makes me a subject, although it occasions much uneasiness and has to be managed, most notably by imagining that the Other makes a demand upon me to be a certain way in order to receive love.
Human development is not dependent on purely cognitive, informative experiences but also requires emotional, relational, and spiritual transferential experience.
The group leader and the group participants establish a connection comprised of distinct, asymmetrical roles, which potentially fosters transferential relationships.
It is every counselor's duty to work continuously to understand the multifaceted, complex, and ever-changing transferential and countertransferential pulls, enactments, and boundary issues that are inevitable when working with traumatized people.
RAIL: I take your point about why one might want to retain a personification of institutions as a way of apprehending transferential displacements.
My suggestion in the current article is that this transferential relation between narrator and interlocutor is reproduced in Felman's relation, and perhaps the relation of any attentive reader, to La Chute.
La importancia de Whitman para estas dos versiones de Borges (aunque tienen ideas muy diferentes sobre el poeta) indica su efecto sobre este hombre de letras, como nota Arrojo: "the revealing dialogue between a young, expatriate persona of Borges and the cosmopolitan, world-renowned Borges, who is being honored by Harvard University, illustrates not only the extent of Borges's investment in the character and the achievement of Whitman, but also the lasting effect of his transferential bond with the American poet" (45).
What is decisive for Alcibiades, Socrates' bearing towards him shows, is nothing about Socrates' being; rather, what is decisive is his own eras, which his transferential suppositions concerning Socrates at once reflect but also apokrupsont.
Cultural difference, as a form of intervention, participates as a logic of supplementary subversion" therefore, "the subject of the discourse of cultural difference is dialogical or transferential in the style of psychoanalysis" (162).
and the second, "Nationalisim, Identity and the Transferential Novel.