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a making over of legal ownership or title

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Then the contribution to the increase must be transferred either as transferal for KFH shareholders, or through an approved cheque or telex.
The structural growth of the Khisor Range is dominantly attributed to the south directed transferal deformation mechanism along the basal detachment horizon being exposed at the foot of the Permian Warchha Sandstone.
BIG IDEA A Plaid government would request the transferal of responsibility for domestic natural resources to Wales.
And the post production unit spans graphic design, transferal of footage for editing using the latest computer software and film screening.
Chiang Kai-shek's dying wish was to be buried in his hometown in Zhejiang Province, China, to symbolize cross-strait unity, but he has been temporarily interred, along with his son, on public grounds in Taiwan's northern Taoyuan County, ostensibly awaiting transferal.
The conductivity of the polypropylene-based Stat-Tech compound enables the pipette tip to sense liquid and ensure transferal of the correct amount.
14 include transferal of a license without proper approval; failure to disclose all persons who have a direct or indirect financial beneficial interest in the license; and issuance of license and permit to aliens, appointment of local manager or principal representative by foreign corporations.
The plan, which has been named Hong Kong as it was inspired by Britain's gradual transferal of Hong Kong to China, would take up 30 years to implement.
Along with client file contents, the law firm should retain copies of documents indicating the client's choice as to counsel, the transferal of file contents, original documents, and client property per the client's instructions, signed receipts from the client for file contents and return of advances, unearned fees, and trust funds to the client.
SWIFT's US branch was subject to "valid and compulsory subpoenas," forcing transferal of a "limited subset" of data to the US.
On the First Anniversary" (sermon three) demonstrates how Innocent dealt with a pressing problem, "the transferal of bishops from one diocese to another" (28).
The companies said the solution will prevent loss of data over SSL-encrypted communications such as secure web mail, secure anonymisers, secure remote terminals or peer-to-peer services for data transferal.
Still, ``Strangers'' is a delicious riff on the old Hitchcock notion of transferal, and using it to overcome self-imposed limitations.