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any tax levied on the passing of title to property

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He also said many people bought houses and lots in the city, which led to the hike in transfer tax.
If passed, the proposal would mean that no Land Transfer Tax would be payable on the first $368,000 of the cost of a first home, and more than half of first-time homebuyers would pay no Land Transfer Tax on the purchase of their home.
When applying the federal transfer tax code provisions to a settlor's transfers to a DAPT, the outcome may be dependent on the level of protection the DAPT provides to the settlor.
However, for many years, New Hampshire law has provided that if individuals or entities that own New Hampshire real property in their own name want to transfer this property into a corporation or an LLC in order to obtain these protections, they must pay the real estate transfer tax on the transfer, even though, effectively, the ownership of the property will be the same after the transfer as before.
The following is a list of questions that will assist CPAs in spotting the transfer tax planning opportunities that their international clients may have now or in the future.
The 3 percent transfer tax became significantly higher than that of other countries' transfer tax rates once this new regulation had been made, and people were pushed to declare higher values.
In some states, including New York and New Jersey, real estate transfer tax is imposed on transfers of controlling interests in any legal entity that owns real estate in the jurisdiction.
Passage of Measure 79 would add to the Constitution a clause expressly prohibiting the Legislature from legalizing a statewide real estate transfer tax or a similar tax in any "city, county, district, or other political subdivision or municipal corporation," according to the measure.
Introduce life insurance into the estate planning equation and the exemption can be levered up to provide millions in transfer tax free dollars.
DART delivers access to accurate recording fee and transfer tax information for any address in the United States, and reflects unique requirements based on geographic location.
As a practical matter, a real property transfer tax is typically triggered if a deed is recorded.
The current transfer tax table is a mindless holdover from the 1960s, when the basic exemption from the estate tax was a paltry $60,000.
After paying all taxes and managing to accumulate assets, the transfer tax places an additional tax on one's assets when they are transferred to someone else.