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a paper that is coated with a preparation for transferring a design to another surface

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To qualify, Fruit of the Loom T-shirts and PerfectPeel transfer paper must be used.
We recognized within the market a need for a heat transfer paper that would not only make it affordable to create specialty items in small quantities, but also produce items of high enough quality they can be used as gifts for valued clients, or as rewards to dedicated employees," said David Gross, president of Conde Systems, Inc.
All you will need is a shirt, scissors, an ordinary printer, an iron, and iron-on transfer paper that you can find at lots of stores such as Target or OfficeMax as well as craft and fabric stores such as Michael's or JoAnn's.
99, 128 pages, ISBN 9781250087706), guides readers through the process of dreaming up a design, choosing the right body part for the art and creating the actual tattoo using transfer paper and adhesive sheets or special pens.
The white toner option enables a wide range of applications, including on-demand print on colour paper, POP/signage printing on transparent film, T-shirt print with transfer paper, proofing for design review, promotional merchandise and marketing documents.
Place a piece of transfer paper onto a sheet of colored paper, the same size as the drawing paper.
With our latest ScanSnap models users can transfer paper scans wirelessly to their mobile devices.
In sublimation transfer printing, an image is printed on a sheet of transfer paper using sublimation ink.
YOU WILL NEED: A design of your own to fit the plates, A4 inkjet waterslide transfer paper, an inkjet printer (this process isn't compatible with a laserjet printer), old china plates, a D-cut squeegee (for smoothing out the design) 1 Select your image and print it onto the waterslide transfer paper using an inkjet printer and following the manufacturer's instructions.
Additional capabilities include specialty material stocks, varnishes and stamping for premium effects, direct thermal paper and tags, and thermal transfer paper and films.
The outsourced Scan and Capture solutions transfer paper invoices into electronic format, and Basware business transactions service allows the customer to receive and send invoices in an electronic format.
Kaiser doctors no longer need to wait for laboratories or specialists to transfer paper records, and they can immediately see test results, even those performed at other Kaiser facilities.
Tattoo transfer paper sells on the internet for pounds 2.
You just need iron-on transfer paper (available at business supply stores), a plain white T-shirt or pillowcase, a digital photo and a little adult help with a very hot iron.
He badgered the Man-in-Charge to buy a pack of transfer paper and set about creating a T-shirt emblazoned with a red hammer and sickle.