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of a mental act


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In terms of immanent and transeunt causal activity, we can say that reproduction is an internal process that the organism implements to produce offspring.
The alleged but unclear distinction between so-called immanent and so-called transeunt causation is structurally similar to an Aristotelian distinction between two kinds of potentiality (dunamis).
She does not engage passages that seem to assert that occasionalism rules out the possibility of any created being causing anything and which therefore rule out the possibility, not only of finite transeunt, but also immanent, causation.
In both cases dependence relations obtain, but the relations themselves are of different sorts: (a) there is a genuine separability between God and creation due to the transeunt nature of God's action, while (b) there need not be the same separability between created substances and their modes due to the immanent nature of the creature's action.
His view of reality feeds on the notion of inertia, which thins a material thing into an indifferent state, depending for its reality wholly on the transeunt forces acting from outside of it.
30) Hence only with the Third Analogy does Kant respond directly to Hume's skepticism about our knowledge of causal powers, because only there does he defend a transeunt accourir of causality, the view that something in a causally active substance goes out beyond that substance to influence or causally affect something else, that is, to effect a change in a distinct substance--in brief, the thesis that all physical events have external causes.
8) Roderick Chisholm sought valiantly to restore this concept, but he could not convince his readers that its meaning was either clear in itself or consistent with the need to be able to apply to our actions, or their subtending conditions, the more common concept of Humean or transeunt causation as well.
Presupposing the previous volume's treatment of God in se, it begins with a consideration of how God's transeunt activity in creation is consistent with God's immanent perfection.
Thus our direct rational awareness of primary beings as beings coincides with our direct rational awareness of their transeunt causality.