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structure forming the transverse part of a cruciform church

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Those lighting candles and saying prayers in the south transept included council and police chiefs, alongside representatives of a range of faiths and members of the public.
The new display in the Anglican cathedral's north transept preserves the memory of those who worked on the embroidery.
In the south-east corner of the Blakiston porch, or North Transept of Norton Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin, is an effigy of a bare-headed knight with long curls.
For a great intro hike and spectacular views, take the 3-mile Transept Trail, which leaves from the property.
But the area around the south transept was "untidy" and in need of improvement.
However, two carved tombstones effigies survive in the north transept, from late Medieval and Tudor times.
In the south arm of the transept there stood--tall, bare, and overwhelming in its simplicity--the wooden cross dedicated to those who had died in Buchenwald.
I went into the north transept to look at the original copies of the Bible translated into Welsh by clergy of the diocese, most notably William Morgan, its bishop in the early 1600s.
Hidden in a northern transept of the church, one quite literally had to go looking to find it.
The ashes of actor Laurence Olivier, who died in July 1989, were buried in the South Transept of the Abbey in September 1991.
In the south transept stood William's grandparents the Queen and the Duke
The famous 'Rose Window', situated in the south transept provides an excellent roosting spot for pigeons and, along with the surrounding stonework, is also susceptible to damage from what pigeons usually leave behind
The Florence Nightingale Window, located in the Cathedral's north transept, was installed in 1938 and depicts six outstanding scenes in the life of Florence Nightingale (1820-1910): St.
A huge chunk of the roof covering the transept, or cross-section, of the basilica caved in.
Stones sit in the cool of the abbey transept that couldn't choke on instant views of black sky pummeled into the birth dust of their mute stone being stone from comet stone from no ordinary magma not mortar or fresco or gold leaf or letters but gray dust powdering the mount but remaining marble stumps like wooden teeth used too often by their poor base owners before the bang.
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