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cut across or divide transversely

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Basilar artery transection and skull base fracture following closed head trauma
Technion-Israel Institute of Technology researchers implanted human stem cells into rats with a complete spinal cord transection.
Three cases (15%) showed transection of the trunk; one each at the level of chest, abdomen and pelvis.
5) With the NIR fluorescence imaging system, the ureter outline can be seen clearly as a bright green image; this helps identify the site of obstruction or ureteral transection.
5,6) However, with the advent of modern anesthesia and aseptic techniques, this method fell out of favor and femoral or tibial transection techniques were preferred because of better cosmetic outcomes and easier prosthesis utilization.
Methods of intraoperative detection of potential leaks at the transection margin include cholangiography, trans-cystic duct injection of saline, dye (methylene blue, indigocarmine) or air and indocyanine green (ICG) fluorescent imaging.
He said that 960 mobile teams, 67 fixed and 80 transection teams had been constituted for the campaign.
Enucleation is recommended if there is obvious transection of optic nerve, transection of multiple rectus muscles or rupture of globe (Spaulding, 2008).
Transection of the OH is the standard treatment for this disease due to the pathophysiology change of OMS.
To our knowledge, postoperative indirect transection of the popliteal artery has never been reported in either primary or revision TKA.
Food and Drug Administration to use its Microcutter Xchange 30 surgical stapling device with a white cartridge for the transection and resection in open or minimally invasive urologic, thoracic, and pediatric surgical procedures.
Postsurgical neuropathy is a rare complication after hip surgery and can often be attributed to mechanical factors such as stretch, compression, contusion, hematoma, or nerve transection.
The injuries included the partial transection of the gastrocnemius muscle and the complete transection of the Achilles tendon.
Additionally, the company's MicroCutter XCHANGE 30, which includes a cartridge-based articulating surgical stapling device with a five-millimetre shaft diameter and staples, is manufactured and cleared for use in the US for multiple open or minimally invasive surgical procedures for the transection, resection, and/or creation of anastomoses in small and large intestine as well as the transection of the appendix.
The case of a 38-year old female, victim of a road traffic accident who presented with a near complete aortic transection is presented.