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cut across or divide transversely

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Consistent with USGS methods, transects were 25-m long, and included a nearshore transect and an offshore transect.
To maximize surveying precision, we positioned benchmarks in bedrock as close to transect positions as possible and at similar elevations.
We walked each transect weekly, alternating between the early morning (6:00 h) and the afternoon (14:00 h) to maximize detection, as these times represent peak activity of several diurnal mammal species (Peres, 1999).
During these transect surveys, the observer inside the HOV identified and counted all fish that occurred within 2 m on the starboard side.
2010) spatial autocorrelation occupancy model explicitly accounts for dependence in availability for detection between adjacent observations, allowing transect surveys to be split into segments which are then used as replicated surveys.
In order to collect field data on population dynamics of Himalayan Griffon vulture, 187 transect surveys of the breeding areas were carried out in both the Jhelum and Neelum Valleys during the breeding seasons of 2005, 2007-2010 with the exception of year 2006, when the study area was struck by a massive earthquake on October 8, 2005 and destroyed roads and bridge structures leading to these sampling sites.
During the calibration transects, an experienced conch research diver, used to identify adult conch in different habitats, followed the towed video array and at the same time conducted a standard BT (CRFM 2013) covering exactly the same area (equal width and length) as the transect made by the TVM.
1996, Rohlf & Archie 1984) using the "PrinComp" module of SHAPE; ordination of the specimens indicated that the first five principal components, each of which accounted for 1% or more of the total variation of each transect, captured 96% of the variance among the specimens (scores: PC1 = 82%, PC2 = 7%, PC3 = 4%, PC4 = 2%, and PC5 = 1%).
In order to avoid multiple records of the same animals, on each day of tracking and on each transect only one crossing by a given individual or group of roe deer differing in numbers was considered in the calculations, and 1 km intervals of line transects were applied.
Transect length was increased to 100 m when additional field time was available, though the number of quadrats used in subsequent analyzes was standardized to ensure equal sampling effort.
For example, the weights of salvinia in transect 1 increased more than 2.
8220;By combining so much of our state's research capacity and infrastructure in the atmospheric and plant sciences, the Missouri Transect will drive innovation, train a diversified workforce, and catalyze commercial development in areas that are so critical to Missouri's future.
Three soil samples were collected from each transect and tested for salinity (ppt), percent organic matter, and grain size (% clay, % silt, % sand).
I conservatively defined FFA as a continuous stand of fruits fallen within a fixed area covered by transects just beneath the vertical projection of a particular crown onto the ground; it was calculated by multiplying the length of transect covered by fallen ripe fruits (to the nearest metre) by transect width (0.
Typically there is no estimate of sightability with strip transect sampling (Evans et al.