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(genetics) the process of transfering genetic material from one cell to another by a plasmid or bacteriophage

the process whereby a transducer accepts energy in one form and gives back related energy in a different form

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The huLeukoAim and moLeukoAim Transduction Reagents provide a safe and nontoxic approach for the delivery of siRNA and potentially other therapeutic molecules to leukocytes and have been validated with HL-60, CCRF-CEM and T-ALL cell lines.
Since the establishment of the CoBRE in Signal Transduction, WVU faculty members have published approximately 300 scientific journal articles.
It has been established that the signal transduction pathway for steroid hormones involves interaction of the hormone--receptor complex with sites on DNA to promote or suppress the expression of specific genes.
The class of virus that preys on bacteria has a process called transduction associated with it.
AxCell Biosciences, of Newtown, PA, a subsidiary of Cytogen Corporation, is engaged in the research and development of novel biopharmaceutical products using its growing portfolio of functional proteomics solutions and collection of proprietary signal transduction pathway information.
We believe that protein signaling pathway information will accelerate the discovery of new drug targets for a variety of signal transduction related diseases and facilitate more efficient and targeted pharmaceutical and biotechnology research and development," said Michael D.
2] It includes a transduction system with optical scales and readers with a resolution of 1 micrometer.
com/research/9d3c19/signal_transductio) has announced the addition of Elsevier Science and Technology's new report "Signal Transduction.
Two-component systems are the predominant signal transduction devices of Eubacteria, and their simple molecular architecture allows them to be employed in many different cellular processes.
com)-- Bioo Scientific announced today that it has launched the proprietary MyeloAim[TM] and NeuroAim[TM] Transduction Reagents which offer directed delivery of RNAi agents into myeloid cells (both in primary cells and in cell lines) or into neuronal cells (both in primary cells and in cell lines) respectfully.
Cellular signal processing; an introduction to the molecular mechanisms of signal transduction.
Methods for treatment, diagnosis, and screening are provided for diseases or conditions characterized by an abnormality in a signal transduction disorder.
TAK-242 is a compound that suppresses the production of inflammatory mediators including cytokine by the signal transduction mediated by Toll-like receptor (TLR4).
Another group of genes involved in self renewal are those involved in the Wnt signal transduction cascade.