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Otherwise, intraperitoneal injection of GST-TAT-SOD was proved to be successfully transduced into different organs in mice, including the brain where amifostine could not reach (Figure 1(e)).
Clonal analysis revealed that the transduced stem cells varied in their ability to produce functional type VII collagen.
In this experiment the main cell lines virally transduced with TERT and TERT-HA gene were HEK- TERT and HEK-TERT-HA.
Thereby, the entire force is transduced from the muscle to the skeleton," Frank Schnorrer describes.
King's presentation will highlight how IAVI has generated replication competent virus vectors that express Envelope in a native configuration in transduced cells and on the virus particle surface.
It's well known that sounds detected by the ears wind up in a part of the brain called the auditory cortex, where they are translated - transduced - into information that scientists call representations.
The compnay has demonstrated that human T cells transduced with MazF can significantly inhibit the replication of HIV-1 in vitro without affecting cellular functions.
GVAX in its earlier incarnation fell short of the mark because - unlike sip-uleucel-T, which is an autologous vaccine comprising transduced prostatic acid phosphotase cells unique to each patient - GVAX was not specific to the tumor characteristics of individual patients, Dr.
All these forms of energy are transduced into a form that's recognized by your intelligence system: the chemical-electrical energy that fuels neural impulses.
We have demonstrated that human T cells transduced with MazF can significantly inhibit replication of HIV in vitro, while not affecting cell growth.
Transduced cells (those that have had genes transferred into them) can secrete the target protein extracellularly and deliver it to the spinal environment in physiologically appropriate doses for a sustained period of time, maximizing the osteoinductive potential of these growth factors.
After 24 hours, these cells were transduced by the addition of one milliliter each of harvested medium and fresh culture medium containing 8 [micro]g polybrene (4 [micro]g/ml).
A bacterial host cell is transformed, transduced or transfected with such a plasmid.
9% sodium chloride for transduced arterial and venous lines Intensive and Critical Care Nursing 11 (3) 148-150
The catheter transduced normally and pneumothorax and haemothorax were ruled out clinically.