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Transdermal technologies may be applied for several categories of pharmaceuticals used for the treatment of disorders of the skin or for systemic effect to treat diseases of other organs.
Using data from the massive British Million Women's Study (MWS), investigators compared the risk of VTE between oral and transdermal HT.
The testing of a selection of transdermal formulations is also in progress.
is an emerging pharmaceutical and medical technology company, with a product pipeline of innovative topical drug treatments based on the NexACT(r) transdermal delivery technology.
Assesses transdermal products approved or in development for the delivery of therapeutic pain management drugs
Analyzes and evaluates the global market opportunity for transdermal hormone replacement and assesses the probable impact of evolving regulatory, economic and demand factors
Transdermal drug delivery represents a promising alternative to oral, intravascular, subcutaneous and transmucosal routes.
Assesses transdermal products approved or in development for the delivery of therapeutic drugs for treating central nervous system indications
Analyzes and evaluates active transdermal device technology and commercial active transdermal products and assesses the market potential for existing and probable future products
To expand the limits of transdermal drug delivery, developers are employing microporation techniques and energy sources such as ultrasound, heat and electrical current to affect active transport through the skin.
The exenatide transdermal patch is an investigational product designed to be applied once per day to provide sustained levels of exenatide for people with type 2 diabetes.
com/research/5eb972/active_transdermal) has announced the addition of the "Active Transdermal Delivery" report to their offering.
report_id=39074) has announced the addition of Transdermal Drug Delivery -- Technologies, Markets, and Companies to their offering.
ATLANTA -- Altea Therapeutics has achieved sustained and steady basal levels of insulin in patients with type 1 diabetes using a small transdermal patch delivering recombinant human insulin in a cost-effective manner.