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Synonyms for transcriber

a person who translates written messages from one language to another


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someone who rewrites in a different script

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someone who represents the sounds of speech in phonetic notation

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someone who makes a written version of spoken material

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a musician who adapts a composition for particular voices or instruments or for another style of performance

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6%)--5 teachers of students with visual impairments and 1 transcriber or paraeducator--selected "It provided me with all the information that I needed to do my job.
Photo: Rya Wanchik wears earphones as a transcriber for the L.
She became a certified Braille transcriber, taking children's books and transcribing them into Braille.
In contrast, in a study of slightly more than 50% of the teachers of students with visual impairments in Minnesota, all 51 teachers reported that they had access to a braille transcriber (Knowlton & Berger, 1999).
Education: adjunct professor, aerobics instructor, Braille transcriber, cooking instructor, fund-raiser, school bus driver, crossing guard, substitute teacher, tutor, wildlife tour leader.
She also spent 10 years as a Braille transcriber, donating her services to help vision impaired school children by transcribing text books.
Virginia Williams, a 72-year-old retired medical transcriber, started weaving as a natural progression of her interest in spinning, which involves making thread.
Doctors have the capability of recording verbal notes, then e-mailing the notes to a hospital transcriber.
The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) today announced that Verizon Communications is continuing its partnership with AFB to develop and promote the new career of Braille Textbook Transcriber, and improve literacy for America's blind and low-vision schoolchildren.
Eventually she went to work at Edwards Air Force Base as transcriber for test pilot Scott Crossfield.
Some transcriber groups felt that omitting the space between words that are not in the same grammatical phrase would be confusing to readers, and vowed to continue to observe the old rule.
Notes can also be in the form of typed text that can be revised by tapping on a special icon and using the on-screen keyboard or Transcriber handwriting recognition technology built into Pocket PC handhelds.
The AFB and Verizon National Campaign for Literacy, Textbooks, Transcribers and Technology is a public awareness and advocacy program that promotes the new career of braille textbook transcriber at the federal and state levels, and raises general awareness of the needs of blind and low-vision schoolchildren for timely access to textbooks and learning materials.
At CABSAT, TVU Networks will also showcase its new TVU Transcriber technology.