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spanning or crossing or on the farther side of a continent

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C the same hour as the precedent-setting transcontinental telephone call a century earlier.
First, he argues that tremendous corruption was involved in building and operating the transcontinental railroads.
Transcontinental also updated and reaffirmed its core company values of innovation, respect, teamwork and performance.
Meanwhile, two railroad companies would try to build the treacherous 1,700-mile final leg of the transcontinental route.
How did the Transcontinental Railroad bring the country together and change U.
The attorney for Transcontinental Transport could not be reached for comment.
Because of this unique approach, we needed a solution that would allow producers and site visitors to quickly access relevant content from our library of more than 120 online assets," said John Clinton, senior vice president, New Media and Digital Solutions at Transcontinental Media.
The company said that the newspaper will be printed at Transcontinental Printing s plant in Vancouver and will need no additional investments to accommodate the new business.
We are very pleased that production of the San Francisco Chronicle started on schedule," said Brian Reid, President of Transcontinental Printing.
The dream comes true on May 10, 1869 with the completion of the transcontinental rail-road.
Transcontinental Publications (TPI; Montreal, PQ) has begun the publication of Finance & Investissement, a French-language spin-off of Investment Executive magazine.
Amelia Earhart took flying lessons and bought her first plane there, and Charles Lindbergh made a historic transcontinental flight from Glendale.
The new schedules remove a day from the 2,600-mile Toronto to Vancouver transcontinental trains and two days from the 2,200-mile Vancouver to Chicago train service.
June 2 /PRNewswire/ -- The Mail-Gard(R) division of Transcontinental Direct today announced it is now offering crisis communications support through its new service, Breach-Gard(R), designed to assist customers with a data security breach or other crisis communications requirements.
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