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Synonyms for transcend


Synonyms for transcend

Synonyms for transcend

be greater in scope or size than some standard

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be superior or better than some standard

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The parties intend to promptly take the steps necessary to complete a "short-form" merger of Townsend Merger Corporation with Transcend under Delaware law, without a meeting of Transcend shareholders.
Nuance has agreed to acquire Transcend through a cash tender offer of $29.
We have seen both decreased turn-around times and decreased costs since our total outsourcing to Transcend two years ago, with better than industry-standard quality scores.
Transcend provides clients with exceptional quality, turnaround time and service so that they can focus on what matters most - their patients.
Transcend believes that accurate, reliable and timely transcription creates the foundation for the electronic medical record.
We believe our merger with Transcend is a positive step into the future for our customers and employees," stated TRS CEO Bob Harvey.
Transcend has been actively pursuing acquisitions and has been very selective in that process," stated Transcend CFO Lance Cornell.
Transcend CEO Larry Gerdes added, "Jim and Sharon have always been extremely committed to their customers.
2006 has been the year that the use of speech recognition technology has become the norm for Transcend rather than the exception," said Jane Rudov, Vice President of Transcend.
As one of the nation's largest, publicly traded MTSOs, Transcend Services consistently outranked MedQuist, Spheris and CBay in most key performance and business indicators.
Philip Marsden, Regional Vice President of HFG, stated "We are excited about our new partnership with Transcend.
MDI recently became a wholly owned subsidiary of Transcend.
Binion will continue to serve Transcend during an orientation and transition period for Mr.
Transcend is committed to protecting the confidentiality of its customers' medical records and growing the American workforce by using only domestic resources to perform medical transcription services, contrary to a medical transcription industry trend of using offshore labor.
On January 31, 2005, Transcend expanded its existing line of credit from $1.