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Synonyms for transcendental

existing only in concept and not in reality

of, coming from, or relating to forces or beings that exist outside the natural world

Synonyms for transcendental

existing outside of or not in accordance with nature

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111) "the transcendentally styled film's 'aural emptiness' is often matched by a visual emptiness," a flatness, which Nayar suggests is rather like putting the viewer in front of an icon, stimulating--she postulates--his/her veneration of that image.
But it also produced Gregorian chant, which is without doubt transcendentally beautiful and was almost certainly appreciated by the men of evil of those days.
That said, 12-tone music that developed following the horrors of World War I cannot be said to be transcendentally beautiful in the same way as most music from preceding periods.
My use of 'non-existence' opposes 'existence' not transcendentally, but metaphysically [emphasis added].
Thus the thesis that the world of nature cannot be constitutively independent of the space in which thought operates becomes the thesis that the world of nature is, transcendentally speaking, a joint product of the structure of subjectivity and an ineffable "in itself' that is fully independent of that structure.
Til the Morning: Lullabies and Songs of Comfort is a transcendentally beautiful music CD.
natural' and 'free' are transcendentally opposed ways in which things are:
For example, Peters is quite correct to dismiss a concept of 'cosmopolitanism' that hovers transcendentally above the daily strife of quotidian globalization.
I]f beauty is conceived of transcendentally, then its definition must be derived from God himself.
The Visitation is treated in a more factual and descriptive way, with a characteristically Veronesian display of striped fabrics and silks, and noble, classicising architecture; whereas the Resurrection is conceived more transcendentally, with a poetically suggestive twilight.
According to the ideality thesis, space and time are empirically real but transcendentally ideal.
We can modify Laruelle's definition and say this: for Buddhism, decision, in its cognitive dimension, consists in the positing of a dyad (and countless ensuing sub-dichotomies) that serves to split reality in an attempt to comprehend reality, together with a unifying structure that grounds the dyad transcendentally and, simultaneously, by virtue of the necessary intermixture, partakes of immanence.
To be in relation is transcendentally essential to created persons as spirits, vis-a-vis both their Creator and their fellow human beings with whom they symbolically communicate.
Any consideration of King Lear's stage history before the twentieth century will immediately cast doubt on the assumption that the play is clearly and transcendentally recognizable as a "masterpiece.
I also think that in spite of his non-Kantian, transcendentally realist position, Westphal looks persuasive when he describes Kant as a "fallibilist about empirical knowledge and about epistemology.