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Synonyms for transcendental

existing only in concept and not in reality

of, coming from, or relating to forces or beings that exist outside the natural world

Synonyms for transcendental

existing outside of or not in accordance with nature

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Sense/sensibility, imagination, and apperception/understanding can be considered, on the one hand, transcendentally as a priori conditions of cognition and, on the other hand, empirically in application to given appearances.
Now, either this relationship must be shown each time through evidence as we attempt to establish it exclusively on the basis of the wealth of our documentation and on the sympathetic force of our examination, or it is transcendentally explainable on the basis of the essence of being-there.
Kant's challenge to Descartes is that subjectivity is not self-contained but works with transcendentally imposed, and thereby external, universal moral laws--categorical imperatives.
This course of action, Ascoli argues, puts Dante qua author in the position either of a "usurper," or of a "nuncius'--the difference between the two being a matter of status: an individual, arbitrary appropriation of office in the first case, versus a transcendentally conferred, yet 'un-officially' established mandate in the second (267-70).
Rather, it is truth as defined not by the elite of a government, but by ancient religious texts or their interpretations by politically and transcendentally motivated ideologues.
28) In the onto-theological view, God is conceptualized as a categorical being with substance (definable yet remaining transcendentally undefinable).
Presumably, such an anxious feeling is exacerbated in the modern world (at least, we no longer have the pervasive conception of a kosmos that typifies Ancient Greek thought, for example); with no discernible and transcendentally allotted place in the world, we are estranged from the world and from ourselves.
When someone or something does not meet our expectations, we could hold a grudge, or transcendentally we could file this experience away under "universe works that way, too," and in so doing include a general semantics principle of "general uncertainty" in our expectations.
The importance of competences does not revolve exclusively around deploying teaching methodology for designing activities, but rather, transcendentally, around designing and applying assessment procedures coherent with the competences to be developed and the contents of Royal Decree 1393/2007.
17) However, Boland in 'Mise Eire' is well aware that 'the transcendentally useful object of woman' (18) guarantees the authority of conceptions of Irishness, oriented not only towards tradition--that which Boland in this poem calls the 'old dactyls' that sanctify 'scalded memory'--but also towards modernity.
He sought to find a way beyond these transcendentally grounded sciences by reviving the spirit of Greece in the manner of the renaissance (86).
This term can unlock Rahner's metaphoric shift in affirming that God is known transcendentally (not as an object) and that this transcendental knowledge is more basic than categorical knowledge, that horizon toward which we are drawn but which we never will reach.
There are scenes in the film which are transcendentally perverse, vintage Wiseman moments in which his cynicism about the way society manages power and punishment is in full cry.
The deeper we reach into creation itself the more we encounter that which we yearn for transcendentally.
This momentum will eventually carry the narrative into the story's ultimate scene, in which past and present are, somewhat transcendentally, somewhat agonizingly, conflated into the screening of Payne's masterwork of animation; the Virginia Quarterly Review characterizes this withdrawal as "moving and pathetic" (Rev.