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She was clearly engaged by, and found solidarity with, elements of Transcendentalist teaching.
To this enthusiasm for nation building, Howe added an idealist's faith in the readability of history akin to Emerson's certainty that transcendentalist insight enabled him to view the tapestry of the world from the top as presenting one coherent picture rather than from the bottom along with the rest of us confused mortals not blessed with his second sight.
Emerson's mystical tendencies are well known, and are encapsulated in the principal tenet of Transcendentalist philosophy: "The belief .
Holmes, Cabot, and Edward Emerson are less interested in memorializing Emerson and more invested in writing biographies that would outlast the caricature of the dreamy Transcendentalist.
Looking at Upstream through the eyes of transcendentalist Thoreau is an interesting exercise.
In "The Present Age" he portrayed the course of history in terms that seemed to provide a rationale for the avant-garde position of his emerging Transcendentalist cohort.
presents a study of American Transcendentalism, investigating how the poetics and literary quality of Transcendentalist writing were integral to their vision.
Maggots, plants, people and pigs all feature in the film that is at its heart a transcendentalist examination of nature, purity and independence.
He also was a leader of the Transcendentalist movement; its followers believed that many of society's institutions (including organized religion and political parties) corrupted the inherent goodness of man.
He resisted affiliation with movements and manifestoes, and this has meant that his poems are typically read through transhistorical frames these early champions provided: he is a "nature poet," a transcendentalist, and so on.
SATURDAY Performance artist Heiner Goebbels presents Walden, part of a day of films, talks, music and performances at the mac inspired by the book written by Henry David Thoreau, noted transcendentalist and promoter of simple living as he built a woodland cabin.
Alcott was not the only transcendentalist to live by Talking.
This chapter also gives us some new tools to understand Whitman after the publication of the first edition of Leaves of Grass, supplementing our cultural understanding of Whitman the Emersonian Transcendentalist, Whitman the Phrenologist, and Whitman the Temperance Advocate.
So I started with analogy: Look, I said, the Transcendentalist commitment is to following each line of thinking not according to its linearity and sense, but rather for what that line of thinking evokes in one's imagination.
In a recent piece, journalist David Crumm labeled me an "American Transcendentalist Buddhist.