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Fuller's Romanticism was also deeply colored by Transcendentalist versions of the values of antebellum democracy: not the conventional ones of possessive individualism and majority rule but of universally equal individual rights and purposive self-fashioning.
At the heart of this drama," Wenke elaborates, "is the importance of risk taking, for which Mailer finds a paradigm in the myths and histories of such American figures as the pioneer, the outlaw, the inventor, the early industrialist, the boxer, and the movie star as well as in the transcendentalist quester of Emerson, Thoreau, and Whitman" (xxi).
Marshall first discussed famed transcendentalist feminist and writer Margaret Fuller in The Peabody Sisters: Three Women Who Ignited American Romanticism (*** SELECTION Sept/Oct 2005), but in this magisterial, intimate biography, she gives Fuller (1810-1850) a life of her own.
Even more significant, each group was motivated by an "ingrained idealism," "fundamental romanticism," and an inclination toward transcendentalist thought, which has been called by Roger Asselineau "an essential characteristic and a specific trait of American literature" (Asselineau v, v, 5).
The focus of several major biographies published in the past two decades, the center of nationwide celebrations of her bicentennial in 2010, and the subject of the solo author conference at the Massachusetts Historical Society (also in 2010 upon which this book is based, Margaret Fuller has definitively broken free from the mold of a minor Transcendentalist to become our current model of a nineteenth-century progressive intellectual.
American essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson, who led the Transcendentalist movement, said, "Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience.
Earlier, in the seminar, advocates of Kashmir Shaivism, a Hindu philosophy that believes in man's potential to attain supreme God-consciousness through realization, subtly struck a chord with Western Transcendentalist movement of 1820's which has some similar facets but inclusive than the former.
Holmes, Cabot, and Edward Emerson are less interested in memorializing Emerson and more invested in writing biographies that would outlast the caricature of the dreamy Transcendentalist.
Hawthorne, who lived in Concord, the birthplace of Transcendentalism, and also at Brook Farm for eight months, had no absolute faith in human goodness and disagreed with many Transcendentalist tenets, as shown in his fiction.
presents a study of American Transcendentalism, investigating how the poetics and literary quality of Transcendentalist writing were integral to their vision.
The authors in this volume, for the most part, do not emphasize a Transcendentalist doctrine as much as they emphasize that Thoreau demands that the good human life be one of thought and intelligent moral activity.
He also was a leader of the Transcendentalist movement; its followers believed that many of society's institutions (including organized religion and political parties) corrupted the inherent goodness of man.
SATURDAY Performance artist Heiner Goebbels presents Walden, part of a day of films, talks, music and performances at the mac inspired by the book written by Henry David Thoreau, noted transcendentalist and promoter of simple living as he built a woodland cabin.
Yet of the writers the introduction promises to discuss-those listed above, plus Louisa May Alcott and Frederick Douglass, minus Higginson-only Emerson qualifies as a transcendentalist.