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Synonyms for transcendental

existing only in concept and not in reality

of, coming from, or relating to forces or beings that exist outside the natural world

Synonyms for transcendental

existing outside of or not in accordance with nature

References in classic literature ?
But Horne Fisher, in spite of his affectation of indifference, was a person of a curious and almost transcendental sensibility to atmospheres, and he already felt the presence of something more than an accident.
You are too transcendental for me," growled Ossipon, with moody concern.
Here again, as in the former instance, the defence of Socrates is untrue practically, but may be true in some ideal or transcendental sense.
But as such distinctions touch upon the transcendental I shall spare you the pain of listening to them.
The transcendental maxim that "Life per se is precious" is the ruling maxim here.
For his own part he practised it under the rites of special devotion to the transcendental merits of a certain Madame de S , a lady of advanced views, no longer very young, once upon a time the intriguing wife of a now dead and forgotten diplomat.
On inquiring what this appellation might be supposed to signify, I was given to understand that whatever was unintelligible would be certainly transcendental.
The Germans, as we know, are a transcendental people, and there was at last an irresistible appeal for Vogelstein in this quick bright silent girl who could smile and turn vocal in an instant, who imparted a rare originality to the filial character, and whose profile was delicate as she bent it over a volume which she cut as she read, or presented it in musing attitudes, at the side of the ship, to the horizon they had left behind.
I think nothing is of any value in books excepting the transcendental and extraordinary.
When we come out of the caucus, or the bank, or the Abolition-convention, or the Temperance-meeting, or the Transcendental club into the fields and woods, she says to us, 'So hot?
Agatha, on the other hand, having from her childhood heard Uncle John quoted as wisdom and authority incarnate, had begun in her tender years to scoff at him as a pompous and purseproud city merchant, whose sordid mind was unable to cope with her transcendental affairs.
Free Will and Epistemology: A Defence of the Transcendental Argument for Freedom
According to researchers from Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, veterans of the war in Vietnam, the Gulf War, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) found significant relief from their symptoms as a result of practising the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique.
I've tried all kinds of yoga, but transcendental meditation is the one I always go back to.
Svoboda builds his discussion around the distinction between transcendental and nontranscendental unity.