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Synonyms for transcendence

Synonyms for transcendence

a state of being or existence above and beyond the limits of material experience

the state of excelling or surpassing or going beyond usual limits

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Moore's introduction to "Existence and Transcendence in Jasper's Philosophy" focuses Wahl's approach to Jaspers with respect to his own turn "toward the concrete.
Though this style does make Transcendence a very easy read, it also gives it an almost advertisement-like finish.
Piety's essential characteristic is concern for transcendence.
Transcendence shows to tell that its viewers' reception and feedback are not collectively the same.
As a film of ideas, Transcendence is powerful; as a film per se, it's not so successful.
The problem with Transcendence is that it tries to be too clever en route to what is a disappointingly murky resolution, when many will simply want a holiday thriller you can watch with your own brain switched off.
Transcendence aims at leaving an undercurrent question on how far humanity should push the concept of artificial intelligence.
However, in their attempt to destroy Will, they inadvertently become the catalyst for him to succeed - to be a participant in his own transcendence.
The responsibility of reason, then, requires us to balance both aspects of our nature in light of transcendence.
The pair, colleagues in Aberdeen Asset Management's Edinburgh office, shrugged off physical and mental fatigue to record astonishing figures in the Self Transcendence 24 Hour race at London's Tooting Bec Athletics Track.
The psychoanalytic vision; the experiencing subject, transcendence, and the therapeutic process.
More than in its ontology of finite and original liberty, (1) it is in the metaphysical implications as well as in the existential hermeneutic of religious experience of God that Pareyson's ultimate philosophy reaffirms again the unavoidability (from the point of view of finitude and of finite and personal existence) of opening such transcendental space to the understanding of transcendence as original liberty, ultimately interpreted according to the narration of religion existentially and freely lived.
Girgus recovers an aesthetics of film from Levinas's thought by rethinking the tension between transcendence and immanence in the context of the sexual difference and the feminine body and demonstrates that films are capable of representing the core truth of Levinas's ethical theory at twenty-four frames a second.
The fact that Rilke and Stevens are two of the most widely invoked poets in the phenomenological tradition will help to establish a modern sense of transcendence distinct from a traditional or Romantic longing for a realm above and beyond earthly existence.