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Synonyms for transcend


Synonyms for transcend

Synonyms for transcend

be greater in scope or size than some standard

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be superior or better than some standard

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The Transcend DrivePro 230 also comes with built-in WiFi, meaning users can stream whatever they capture on the road.
Increasing our name recognition is a key challenge as we strive to acquire new members in the communities we serve," Transcend CU explained in a letter to members.
Designed to support multi-vendor, orchestrator-agnostic SDN network implementations, the Coriant Transcend SDN software suite for packet and transport networks provides network operators with powerful tools to drive down network costs and address operational challenges driven by growth in high-bandwidth video, mobile, and cloud applications.
Transcend offers excellent training, a great starting hourly rate, opportunities for career advancement, and participation in their employee rewards program.
To ensure the utmost level of quality, all Transcend industrial-grade products undergo extensive testing in all stages of production.
According to the company, the Transcend Platform was originally based on the protein known as melanotransferrin (MTf or p97).
TransCEND has been the leading choice for Fortune 1,000 clients around the world due to its enhanced security protocols and the unique Information Rights Management technology that it employs.
To expand market penetration, Transcend has been actively participating at worldwide industrial-grade exhibitions, such as ICE Totally Gaming in UK, Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in the Netherlands, Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) and Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in the U.
Based in Taiwan, Transcend is a global company with offices around the world which design, develop, manufacture and market all types of memory modules, flash cards, USB drives, external hard drives, multi-media products and accessories.
Transcend Uniteda[euro](tm)s chief executive Rick Hirsh said that the addition of RTSa[euro](tm) ESS business would help his company achieve its strategic goal of providing the best solutions on the market.
Mr Curtis added: "This merger brings strength and depth to Transcend Corporate Finance as it seeks to develop its niche - providing expert M&A advice to entrepreneurs who feel left behind by larger firms.
Lord Transcend will not run anywhere unless the ground is soft or heavy," he said.
Post-Modernism does not transcend and include; it is merely the terminal meltdown of Modernity.
In the fall of 2004, Arkema Chemicals introduced Transcend additive technology to address these needs.
OWNER Graham Wylie, the businessman whose remarkable investment has enlivened the early skirmishes of the jumps season, has suffered the first significant blow to his ambitions with news that potential novice chase star Lord Transcend looks set to miss the rest of the season, writes David Lawrence.