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the process of transposing an amino group within a chemical compound

the process of transfering an amino group from one compound to another

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The commanding role of transamination reaction in the regulation of carbohydrate and protein metabolism was explained by Braustein (1959).
An alternate route is via a transamination reaction of 2-ketoglutarate, from the TCA cycle, with alanine being converted to pyruvate (Reaction 4, Fig.
These complexes were prepared by the transamination utilizing Ln[(N[(Si[Me.
Transamination is an important initial step in flavor development.
The amino acid products of endogenous and exogenous protein digestion are degraded by hepatic transamination and oxidative deamination to produce ammonia, which is then converted to urea via the six enzymes of the urea cycle (Table) and excreted by the kidneys (2).
Furthermore, pyruvate may be used as an ammonia sink by transamination to alanine in early embryos (Orsi and Leese, 2004).
Uremia favors the conversion of free amino acids into carbamylated amino acids, which have been identified as uremic toxins because they interfere with protein synthesis and transamination reactions and contribute to insulin resistance (45, 46).
In particular, 3-methylbutanoic acid was reported to be formed from leucine amino acid catabolism via transamination (Czerny and Schieberle, 2005).