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a class of transferases that catalyze transamination (that transfer an amino group from an amino acid to another compound)

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However, transaminases are now elevated and histologically there is increased necroinflammatory activity.
High prevalence of hepatic fibrosis and steatosis in HIV/AIDS patients without chronic viral hepatitis but with chronically elevated transaminases on ART.
Hepatitis B reactivation usually presents with elevation in transaminase levels, particularly ALT, and is commonly precipitated by immunosuppression (5).
A review of 35 randomized clinical statin trials reported from 1966 to 2005, involving 74,102 patients, reported an absolute risk of transaminase (also referred to as aminotransferase) elevations from statin therapy of only about 4 per 1000 patients (risk difference [RD]=4.
The study included ultrasound examinations of the fatty livers and comparisons of numerous age-and-sex-matched control levels of patients with normal transaminase levels.
Serial transaminase measurements provide a noninvasive means of estimating the severity of hepatitis C virus infection in infected renal transplant recipients and make liver biopsy unnecessary, according to researchers at the University of Istanbul, Turkey.
Patients with nevirapine-related hepatotoxicity may complain of fatigue, malaise, anorexia and nausea with or without elevated transaminase levels.
His transaminase levels were elevated 24 hours after ingestion (AST and ALT levels both at 100 U/L); his PT was 12.
Choline intake is probably low enough in some diets to cause transaminase problems.
Fasting blood glucose (FBG), glycated hemoglobin (HbAlc), cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein (LDL), high-density lipoprotein (HDL), triglyceride (TG), serum glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase (SGOT), serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase (SGPT), alkaline phosphatase (ALP), blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and creatinine levels were measured at baseline and after 2 months study treatment.
8 IU/L (normal: 535 IU/L), Aspartate transaminase 174.
However, even after amelioration of the heart failure, transaminase levels continued to be high at approximately 80 IU/L.