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someone who conducts or carries on business or negotiations

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Trevor Bowers, Commercial Vehicle Underwriting Manager at Ageas said, “We are pleased to have enhanced our commercial vehicle products with Transactor through implementation of dynamic pricing which will help TGSL to provide competitive and accurate premiums to its brokers.
Analysis of the diagrams of assessment profiles allows for a preliminary observation stating with which transactor the relations are more partnering (the diagram more to the right) as well as how many and which parameters make this co-operation a partnering one.
In detailing the corollaries of his Semantic Transactor model, Bois insisted that the present, or here and now, should always remain the center of gravity, or perhaps the vantage point from which time-binding should originate.
t] units of money on hand and must then decide how to split these money balances between the shopper, who will go to the goods market to purchase consumption goods from other households, and the financial transactor, who will go to the asset market to purchase assets.
Hypothesis 2: CEOs of simple bureaucracies will be rated higher on the transactor dimension than will CEOs in entrepreneurial adhocracies.
MicroStrategy Inc, a provider of e-business software, has announced the immediate availability of the MicroStrategy Transactor platform.
Constant revolvers should focus on interest rates and annual fees while transactors should worry about annual fees, interest-free periods and loyalty schemes.
In the transactor section, the GM Card shared top place with NatWest Bank's combined account, with Morgan Stanley Dean Witter in joint third place with Tesco.
14) The tension is also more pronounced the longer the breached-against party thinks she will want to deal with this transactor or, in the case of information with a market-wide value, transactors in this particular market.
We believe this phenomenon is representative of a shift in consumer activity from revolvers, who maintain monthly credit card balances, to transactors, who repay balances in full each month.
WellStar is striving to be a transformer of healthcare and not simply a transactor," said Jennings.
The transactor also provides high-level Application Programming Interface (API) and example tests to model a test environment that can exercise the emulated USB SuperSpeed (3.
The updated release includes new, user-driven features, such as a multi-stream scenario generator, transactor iterator and command-line options manager.
The transactor catalog of PCIe, USB, FireWire, Ethernet, Digital Video, RGB, HDMI, I2C, UART, JTAG and other verification components eases and accelerates the creation of a virtual platform test environment.
This enables a video transactor to display high-definition television images at multiple frames per second or to download the entire system-on-chip (SoC) software content in the emulator in a fraction of second.
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